Sump Pump Repair in New Jersey by an Experienced NJ Plumber

If your home in Alpine, New Jersey, has a basement, then you probably have a sump pump installed.


Sump pumps are designed to prevent flooding in low-lying areas like basements, which can occur during heavy rains. Basement flooding can be a disaster, causing damage to your walls and foundation that can be incredibly expensive.

Even moderate levels of moisture can be damaging over time.  A well-maintained sump pump helps keep your basement dry during conditions like heavy rains, when flooding is more likely to occur.

Even with routine maintenance to keep things functioning correctly, most homeowners will still need sump pump repair occasionally. There are a number of things that can break or go wrong, most of which can be easily fixed by an experienced professional.

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Common Sump Pump Problems

Sump pumps are relatively complex machines, composed of many internal parts that can break, wear out, or stop working correctly. There are a number of common issues that cause malfunction, many of which require sump pump repair in Alpine:

  • Power failure. Power outages are a common reason for a sump pump to stop working. This can be a problem, since power failures are most likely to happen during heavy rainstorms, when flooding is a risk. Installing a backup generator can help make sure your sump pump keeps running when you need it. Power surges can also damage the electrical components of your sump pump, so it’s important to use a surge protection device.
  • Incorrectly sized pump. It’s not uncommon for an Alpine, NJ home to be equipped with a sump pump that’s the wrong size. If a sump pump is too small, it won’t be able to pump the water away fast enough. However, one that’s too large can also be a problem. It’s likely to become strained over time, causing it to wear out faster. If you have an incorrectly sized sump pump, you will probably want to consider sump pump replacement.
  • Poor installation. Shoddy workmanship during the sump pump installation process can lead to the need for sump pump repair later on. These devices need to be installed correctly, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, so it’s important that the installation is performed by a professional. Incorrectly installed sump pumps sometimes lack a necessary check valve on the discharge line, which can cause the impeller to rotate in the wrong direction, detaching itself from the motor shaft. When the happens, the sump pump still appears to be running, but it can’t actually pump any water.
  • Problems with the float switch. A sump pump is equipped with one or more float switches, which measure the water level inside. When the pump shifts positions in the sump basin, the float can be rendered ineffective, so the pump won’t turn on and off when it should.
  • Clogged or frozen discharge lines. The discharge lines that divert the water out of your home can clog up with debris like sticks, rocks, and dirt, blocking the water flow and increasing the risk of basement flooding.
  • Poor maintenance. Like any household appliance or machine, sump pumps require routine maintenance to function correctly. In the winter, the lines can freeze over, or become blocked by snow.

If your sump pump isn’t working correctly, it’s important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible to protect your NJ home from potential flooding.

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