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  • Plumbing

We provide the highest quality plumbing service at the most affordable pricing in NJ.

Our plumbers are licensed, trained and have the experience needed to know how to handle any plumbing problem expertly.


Our plumbers are trained in plumbing, not sales.  We will not sell you plumbing services that you don’t need.

We will diagnose and repair your plumbing problem honestly and give you reliable long terms solutions and the lowest up front pricing we can.

  • Sewer

In NJ property owners are responsible for installing and maintaining the sewer lines that run from their home to the sewer main in the street.

Damage to your underground sewer lines can result naturally from the age of the sewer line pipes, from tree roots breaking through the pipes or shifting soil can cause damage to your sewer lines, leading to persistent back ups that continue to come back again and again.


We can help you diagnose the problem with your underground sewer lines and give you options for sewer repair or sewer replacement of your damaged sewer lines.

  • Manhole

We can provide multiple reliable solutions for manhole rehabilitation in NJ to manhole and sewer infrastructure.

We are committed to providing quality contractor services in NJ for rehabilitating manholes and similar underground structures to a consistently high quality in a safe and affordable manner.


Manholes can pose special challenges as related to sewer pipes because there are many components to manholes that can have a variety of issues and create sources for leaks. We are able to help solve these manhole problems in a reliable and affordable way.

  • Drain-in-

Backups or clogs are not the only type of problem that can arise with an underground sewer or drain lines. Underground drain pipes can also break and have structural problems like cracks, holes, misaligned pipes, pipe corrosion, and tree root intrusion.

These types of problems with your drain line  will cause drain line leaks and repeated drain clogs.

No matter what kind of damage to your drain pipes, we can help you figure out exactly where the problem in the drain is and what the problem with your drain pipes is. We can then give you reliable and affordable drain repair options to fix the problem for good.

For the best drain service in Bergen County NJ and the surrounding area call A1!

  • Drainage

The drainage system of any property is essential to maintain the foundation and basement of your property.  Breakdowns of your drainage system can lead to water leaking into your basement or water collecting in your yard making your backyard unusable and potentially damaging your structural foundation.

Proper drainage installations ensure that water is properly carried away from a structure and disposed of without causing problems to neighbors or other areas of your property.


Correction of drainage problems can avert more costly flooding problems and problems with a weakened foundation. We can fix these drainage problems, providing affordable solutions that will make sure that the water does not get into your basement and protects your foundation.

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