A1 are professional #1 NJ sewer contractors and specialists in underground pipes like sewer lines, water lines, drain/drainage, gas and utility excavation and trenchless pipe lining services, and site work in New Jersey.

We provide 24-7 sewer services NJ, like sewer cleaning, main sewer break repair, sewer line replacement expert plumbers, drainage and drain repair or new sewer line installation; water line services like main water line installation, water pipe repair, water line replacement, and all water and sewer line services plumbers in NJ.

Whether it’s a water line or a sewer line, we do it all. Contact the #1 reliable sewer experts in New Jersey to SAVE BIG $$$ on any sewer repair. Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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We are well versed in the latest NJ sewer replacement, sewer repair, and sewer installation techniques, including sewer excavation and trenchless piping, and can provide, fast, affordable, expert sewer repair NJ, for small or large diameter pipes. In addition, we provide sewer main drain jetting, sewer camera inspection, septic wastewater systems, underground drain repair, blocked drain repair, drainage installation, drainage line repair, sewer tree root observations and removal in intruded pipes, failed sewer pipe belly repair, sewer line blockage removal, structural breaks crushed pipe replacements, pipe corrosion, decades repair and sewer rehab projects, drain rehabilitation, solving internal sewer problems and water supply lines and all types of underground repairs in New Jersey.

Frankly, when it comes to any job with underground piping issues or for any onsite pipe problem call A1 are sewer specialties contractors 24-7 and we will analyze the issue take care of it at the BEST PRICE and BEST SERVICE!

Don’t get stuck with delays, overpaying or worse, an abandoned plumbing pipe project because of a NJ plumber without experience.  Call us today and get your water line or sewer line repaired in NJ quickly and affordably! We stand behind our word and always do our best to serve you honestly, and with solid reliable plumbing line repairs.

A1 is a trusted name for all types of plumbings sewer pipes services in NJ. We can serve you with your NJ sewer deteriorating sewer line, water lines, drainage lines, septic system and more. Moreover, you can call us anytime for free advice and a free consultation on any pipe issues with your underground pipes. We would be happy to give you a free estimate and free advice on your sewer repair service or any pipe renewal or other plumbing service.  Get a FREE quote, advice and an affordable sewer repair near me prices from experienced and reputable local NJ sewer contractors.

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Quality plumbers are hard to find! Sewer Pro work from a knowledgeable experienced plumbing sewer repair contractor in nj is your best option to ensure long lasting sewer repair and low-cost sewer service. We know what we’re doing in all aspects of underground sewer tie in, sewer service and underground water line service and can save you time, money and hassle.

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Expert Drain & Sewer Service Repair Contractors in NJ

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At A1 we offer the most reliable and fast 24 hour emergency (including weekend and holiday) drain and sewer services in New Jersey.  We are known for our solid work, low prices and honest evaluations, we do our best to make our customers happy and to solve their sewer and drain problem at the lowest price.  We work on underground sewer lines and water lines every day we know how to do it quickly, effectively and at affordable low costs so we can move on to the next job and you can move on with your life.  Get all the line repair options from A1 sewer inspection so you know exactly what is causing your sewer flush problems and you can shop around for the best quotes for sewer repair.

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NJ Sewer

When it comes to sewer problem like removes solid, deposits from grease and debris or sewer repair, renewal or sewer replacement we can save you time, money and a lot of hassle from unneeded work.  Call us anytime to speak to a knowledgeable sewer contractor about your sewer pipe repair misaligned sewer pipe replacement, extension or sewer installation or new sewer systems installation and to get advice about any sewer issue.  If you need low cost sewer repair options contact us for an estimate.

A common question we get often from clients is about outside sewer repair responsibility and who pays for sewer repairs?  Repairs to broken sewer and drain lines that are between your home and the public sewer main are paid for by the property owner, this usually includes the sidewalk and any parking strip that is in the public right of way.   The city pays for repairs to the public sewer mains located in the street.

The property owner’s portion of the sewer line is often called the upper lateral and the city portion the lower lateral.  If any of the pipes in the upper lateral portion of the sewer line are leaking pipe side inside the wall or under the curb, broken the property owner must replace the sewer pipe with a new pipe.  All sewer repair must be done by a responsible licensed NJ contractor knowledgeable in the design and operation of sewage systems in NJ.

Sewer Line Damages

sewer line break repair near me

We offer same day sewer services and sewer drain repair products in NJ for blocked sewers, warp, pipe separation, sewer root repair, sewer repair fitting, sewer pipe joint repair, broken sewer lines or shared sewer line redirect, reroute or replace in case you sharing sewer connection with the neighbors. A1 specialists team can usually resolve most sewer blockages within 30 minutes or breaks or tears sewer to and complete sewers pipe replacement work under concrete, blacktop or slab in one day.  We promise quality professional plumbing pipes service at a fair price! (financing for repair or replacement is available)

Sewer replacement

At A1 we are always honest qualified plumbers and will use the cheapest best sewer stack repair method that will be effective in fixing your sewer problem. Moreover, our plumbing technicians don’t upsell or recommend complete sewer replacements or sewer relining if the problem can be solved with a simple spot pipe repair, indentation pipe replacement, sinkhole or digging up to the street in any location, outside or inside. Sometimes a simple spot excavation and offset pipe repair will do the job and is a cheaper cost of repairing your sewer bellied pipes, slope or collapsed pipe and have it working fine for several more years, giving you the time you may need to save for a complete sewer replacement that may be needed in the long term future.

A1 is secure sewer line repair specialist for DOB, DOT, DEP notices, we perform sewer line spot repair and sewer line excavation to remove broken pipes and replace sewer tiles with new pipes and trenchless methods that line or reline the old pipes or break them and install new pipes.  Many sewer contractors perform only one of these services and will therefore push you to go with the service they provide even if the other options may be cheaper and faster sewer repair in your situation.

If you have a copy of the sewer inspection, you can shop around and get estimates from a variety of sewer construction contractors to find the most affordable, low costs sewer repair option for your case. We can evaluate your situation honestly and find the best sewer service and sewer rehabilitation methods to repair your sewer line effectively for a cheap price and a quick turnaround time.  Call us for a free estimate and to find you the best underground pipe installation or trenchless sewer line replacement or method.


Our Work Speaks Much Louder Than Words!



Water pipe lines main supply services for water line repair

  • water line hookup
  • water main line repair
  • handling all requirements from town, city, county, project permits for you
  • main water line replacement
  • water pipe line restoration NJ
  • installing ductile pipe
  • high or low water pressures
  • pipe and fittings modifications and alignment
  • curbs valve
  • under slab
  • runoff water
  • leak repair – water coming into the basement
  • fire line, fire hydrants, fire sprinklers, fire department connections and irrigation
  • underground installation for new water line conversions
  • waterlines converting to municipal connections
  • plumbing fixtures located in the bathroom, cellar, outside, leach drain field, pool, creek, stream, ponds area.. etc;

Water main repair

As long time nj sewer repair near me company contractors, we handle water line repairs in new jersey many times a month.  We have completed many repairs of underground main water line pipes and water pipe replacement in nj. We provide complete water main installation services to any underground water utility supply line from a new water meter installed to a new water pipe outlet installation on the curb to connect to the city roadway supply line.  If you are having a problem with your water line, we can give you a good idea of the procedures involved, including the timing and water line repair cost.

water main replacement

Switch from water main connection to city water

Switching from well water to town water can sound like a big job but we have completed this type of connection to city water in NJ many times and can do it quickly and at an affordable price.  If you have a private well supplying water to the property (or you are buying a property with a well)  and the town is requiring you to convert to city/county water connections, we can help you connect your house or business to town water.

Private well water servicing your property can be converted to city water service but will require a permit and installation of a new main water line running from the house to the city water line connection. The city water line connection may be in the street in front of your property and excavation of the town road may be required to access it.

Our water line team is equipped to handle all of the paperwork as well as the water line installations needed from A to Z, including cutting through the street or county roadway excavation of county roads or pipe installation by trenchless HDD methods (hydraulic directional drilling). A1 is a service installer contractor (subcontractor) for water companies as SUEZ Water, American Water, “Morris County” Municipal Utilities, New Jersey Water Supply Authority and more. We can make the switch from private well water to city water service easy and convenient for you, we can provide you with an affordable price and schedule it at your convenience timeline.

Contact A1 today for free estimates and measurement to make the switch from well water to city water easy.

Water Leak

Our FREE estimates and honest advice can save you hundreds or sometimes thousands of $$$ when it comes to main water line leaks repair, a collapsed water pipe or a broken water pipe. Call us for a free estimate, advice and support on water pipe line repair in nj.

Usually a main water line problem is discovered because your water bill is suddenly higher than usual or you have sudden low water pressure.  Both of these issues point to a pinhole water leak in water line because of a broken pipe or bellied line that needs water line pipe repair.  Sometimes the structure of the water line is eroded because of pipe corrosions in the water line or a portion of water pipe has collapsed.  Therefore, in such a case water line replacement may be the best option. We do all plumbing and any pipe infrastructure solutions:

  • interior/indoor
  • exterior/outdoor
  • sewer drain

Once we have pinpointed the leak/problem we can give you estimates and plan for the cheapest and easiest way to repair your water line. Even if you look for specialty companies to replace a water line, tie it into city water or replace a pipe we can provide the easiest and most low cost option.


We are on call 24 hours a day for plumbing service in NJ. Our technicians can help you right away with constant sewer or drain problems. Contact us for any issues with house certification of occupancy (CO) for sewer or water from the town or any decay sewer repair or water line repair for your home or commercial building or for any Sewer and Drain in NJ.

  • Sewer leak detection and repair
  • Sewer pipe relining services NJ
  • Water main repair
  • Pipe problems analysis
  • Pipe failure under house
  • Repair service
  • gravity sewer
  • Repipe
  • Reducing or increasing pipe size
  • Trenching
  • Site work & demolition
  • Pipe with low pressure
  • Water main regulator
  • Inline sewage and disposal
  • Licensed installers
  • Leaking sewer line detection
  • Home sewer clogged & sewer line repair NJ drain service.
  • Jetting services in NJ
  • Sewer pipe repair services NJ
  • Line Locating services
  • Sanitary sewer pipes coating NJ
  • Pump installations
  • Pump repair sewer service NJ
  • Storm sewer line repair NJ
  • Catch basin
  • Manhole repair
  • Sewer pit
  • Sprinkler
  • 24 Hour emergency plumbing sewer drain services.


We respond quickly, 24 hours a day 7 days a week plumbers. In addition, you can call us any time for sewer and emergency water main leaking service. For instance, we can help with failing main sewer line spot repairing or to clear sewer from buildup and soil or dirt sewer repair and underground drain video camera inspections, a disconnected sewer line, basements sewage blockage repairs, unblocking a blocked sewer connection and manhole sewer repair problems.


Road opening for sewer and water main repair or replacement


  • Broken sewer
  • Offset sewer
  • Cracked sewer pipe
  • Root intrusion into sewers
  • Cracked sewer pipes
  • standing water
  • Burst pipe
  • Trenchless
  • Ongoing flooded line
  • Water backup
  • Sewer overflow or backflow
  • Leaking pipe repair damage in NJ
  • Sewer line repiping
  • pipe separation
  • Deep sewer replacements
  • Replace elbow pipe
  • Frozen pipe
  • Mechanical piping
  • Septic – Seepage pits, Dry wells, Greywater
  • Pipe joint
  • Sewer odor repair + other Sewer/drain smell solutions
  • Sewer line relining NJ
  • Storm sewer repair & underground
  • Storm drain repairs


  • broken main water line
  • collapse sewer/drain pipe
  • sewer line replacement
  • sewer relining pipe NJ
  • sewer pipe bursting
  • septic replacement
  • shared sewer line with neighbor
  • riser pipe
  • buried sewer
  • water riser
  • check valve
  • combined & separate sewer systems
  • stormwater


  • Sewer line hook up
  • Force main sewer
  • Grinder/ ejector pump
  • New sewer install and cleanout
  • Bury above ground pipe
  • Electrical, fiber optic, cable
  • City sewer installation
  • Backyard drainage
  • Standing water
  • Sinkholes repair
  • New drainage installations
  • Manhole
  • Septic installation
  • Engineers on-sites services for new sewer other structural needs such as treatment, equipment and locals suppliers


If you are having a problem with the drains in your home or commercial property give A1 a call for drain inspections and repair.  A1 is a full-service drain company based out of Bergen County NJ. We have experience in all aspects of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal plumbing in NJ and can help your fix any problem with your drain systems.

1 – clogged drain pipes with sludge build-up

2 – drain cleaning

3 – drain pipe replacement

4 – heavy rains and flood

5 – thunderstorm

6 – drain line inspection

7 – drain pipe repairs

8 – drain excavation

9 – discharge pipe

10 – NDS pipe repair

11 – drain crack repair

12 – distribution box

13 – under parking lot

14 – pipe coating/painting

Lateral junction repair

If you have a clogged drain or a broken drain line call A1 today for fast, courteous and reliable drain service in NJ.  We can help with a clogged drain, lateral junction line repair or a broken drain line. If you have been having drain clogs repeatedly, every few weeks or months, it is likely that you have a broken drain pipe that needs to be repaired in order to stop the drain backup.  If you are having repeated drain backups call us today so we can perform a sewer backup inspection and find the root cause of the problem.


A good drainage pipe system prevents the collection of rainwater flow from homes and buildings, streets, driveways and parking lot.  A well done outdoor storm drainage system or channel drain is in place to collect and direct rain water into the NJ town’s stormdrain system. For instance, several different storm drains are usually installed on a property as well as in the street.

When a storm drains pipe becomes damaged, it’s important to call A1 NJ drainage contractor for storm drain repair immediately. For instance, during the rainy season in new jersey drainage backups and flooded storm drain clogs can causes water to collect and overflow onto your landscaping, parking lots and basement. In addition, in some cases broken storm drains that are in need of drainage repair for a long time can lead to damage to a building or home’s foundations.

Ineffective storm drainage can be a liability for your NJ home or business. Reduce the risk of flooding in your home, garage, front or backyard. Call A1 plumbing today to discuss drainage solutions for your property.


Camera/scope/video scan diagnostic & testing

Visual camera inspection or video inspection can accurately diagnose the situation creating problems in your sewer or drain line. Therefore, we don’t do any repair unless we inspect the inside of the pipe and see that the water or sewer pipe is damaged, disconnected, corroded, or otherwise needs to be replaced.

  • Diagnostic sewer problem
  • New house selling or buying inspection service

You may need to repair or replace a collapsed, broken damage cracked sewage pipe, a sewer belly line or tree roots in your sewer and plumbing line. We can conduct a complete inspection with a sewer camera and tell you exactly where the problem is and what it is and fix only what needs to be fixed. That allows us to provide affordable and fast sewer service in NJ.

Tree Roots

Stop tree roots sewer/drain line

Got tree roots? Don’t worry! We are a leading provider contractor company of sewer repair and sewer replacement services in northern New Jersey. In addition, we service a wide range of clients, including residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial clients. Moreover, we can help with any sewer service needs, including sewer repair, sewer replacement, new sewer line installation, septic, excavation and drain line tree root removal.

  • Tree root removal from sewer lines
  • High pressure jetting service NJ

We use the latest sewer cleaning technology to remove or kill tree roots in a sewer line. If your sewer pipe is cracked or broken from the tree roots, we can use local excavation to replace the broken sewer pipe at its exact location. However, sometimes we can use trenchless sewer repair methods to remove tree roots and repair the cracked underground pipe without excavation.


Do you need excavation in order to dig up the sewer pipe line? disconnect or remove old cast iron pipe or relocate replace the existing pipe or new installation?  We offer you an easy way to complete any sewer repair in new jersey or building new sewer quickly and affordably!

When excavation of your nj sewer line is needed call the best NJ sewer excavation contractors for a fair quote and quick clean work. In addition, we are experts in quick excavation and can provide sewer excavation and sewer repair at a low cost and the quickest time frame.  When sewer replacement is complete we fill up the trench we dug and repair it to the way it was before. Either repairing the landscaping on the lawn or paving your driveway new.

Because our NJ drain and sewer plumbers have been doing drain and sewer repair in NJ for years, we can do same-day sewage line replacement in NJ. Thus, it can take only one day to get your sewer line working again, start to finish, professionally and cleanly.

We can help with any sewer, drain, utility under ground pipe excavation for a sewer line, gas pipes, drainage pipes, replacing gate valve for mains water line or repair it. In addition, we can replace old cast iron with new in a matter of 1 day.


Sewer repair NJ by Trenchless No dig sewer repairsSewer-Repair

Trenchless sewer pipe repair by NO DIG trenchless plumbing method provides a faster and affordable alternative to traditional sewer line repair and sewer replacement trenchless tunneling methods. We can restore just about any damaged pipe using trenchless sewer pipe lining.

Sewer pipe trenchless repair NJ

For instance, we can help with pipe damage, pipe belly, pipe sags, invasive tree roots, corrosion, pipe shifting, pipe crack, and pipe collapse. In addition, we can handle any tile clay pipe, lead pipe, cast iron pipe, HDPE, polyseal, flexible pipe, rubber, fiber/orangeberg, PVC, AVS, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), spray-in-place pipe (SIPP).

Traditional sewer pipeline repair is sewer excavation in NJ. Sewer excavation requires digging a trench to repair your broken sewer pipe lines. In other words, excavation of underground sewer lines may mean destroying your landscaping, driveway, patio or walls.  Trenchless pipe repair requires digging only one or two access hole.

Trenchless pipe lining with liners in NJ:

  • Cost effective sewer repair without excavation (Trenchless sewer) NJ.
  • Trenchless sewer line replacement service in NJ.
  • Best sewer Trench-less main sewer pipe installation NJ.
  • Restore pipe in 1 day


Pipe Relining

However, with trenchless technology instead of digging up areas of your property. We use the existing small access points of the sewer line for underground sewer pipe relining to re-line all or a portion of the inside of your sewer pipe line with a durable sleeve.

Because of this new method it will take a few hours, not weeks, cheap and at a much more affordable cost than traditional sewer pipe repair with excavation. After that, your relined sewer pipe should last you at least another 50 years.  Contact us to discuss your nj sewer repair trenchless options.




Commercial sewer, water, drainage and plumbing needs for many businesses in Bergen County NJ and surrounding counties. We are to be on the approved plumbers list of many high-quality businesses and are known for high-quality plumbing services, quick job turnaround and affordable pricing.

– residential building
– commercial facility
– office buildings
– malls
– hotels
– stores
– schools
– restaurants
– multi-unit
– hospitals
– nursing homes

A1 is a full-service plumbing company that can help homeowners and all types of commercial facilities plumbing services, from clogged sewers to water line breaks to laying sewer pipe line repair or conversion we can complete the repairs quickly and get your commercial property plans or multi dwelling plumbing in working order. These include sewer line repairs by excavations and trenchless sewer line repair methods (without breaking and tearing up your property), sewer pipe replacements and sewer pipe inspection. In addition, we have worked on many large commercial sewer system projects throughout New Jersey.


Underground Line Repair

Underground utility pipes, like water lines and sewer lines can be the lifeblood of a home or commercial property. Problems with underground pipes can be difficult to solve easily because the pipes are underground and we can’t visually where the leaking pipe or broken pipe is or if the problem is something else, like tree roots growing into rusting underground pipe, which is very common in NJ.

Pipe damage

Pipe damage can be caused by an external object bearing upon the pipe, like tree roots or rocks

Call us for any underground utility line service in NJ day or night! A1 = Competitive Prices  + Quality Work + Outstanding Customer Service!

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NJ trenchless

At A1 Sewer Repair Contractors in NJ, we pride ourselves on our experience and workmanship in sewer line repairs, sewer line replacements and water line work. For decades in NJ we have offered great customer service at affordable prices for all underground plumbing repairs.

Having a problem in your underground sewer lateral line can be stressful. Broken sewer pipes, tree root infiltration and leaking sewer lines are problems we handle all the time in NJ. Our team can accurately diagnose your sewer line problem and provide an affordable estimate and advice for expert repair services.

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