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We’re going to be talking about why basement toilets seem to smell bad worse than other toilets in the home.

Okay there’s only one real reason and that’s because the basement may have suffered a clog in the past. Now when a clog happens the water is going to back up out of the sewer in to the lowest point in the house; which is normally the basement toilet.Basement smells

So let’s say this is your basement toilet. If there were a floor drain right over here it would come up out of the floor drain too because the floor drain is lower than the toilet. But in this case the toilet is the lowest on the system.

Okay? So the water has no where to go.

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So this is my sewer pipe leaving the home for argument sake. Okay? And for some reason we maybe roots or another reason we have a clog and all this water that should be going and up is coming back this way. Alright? And it’s coming back up and it’s got one water tight seal. This is a wax ring.

You’ve probably seen a wax ring, but I mean if you haven’t below the toilet bowl.

Now what happens normally when the toilet bowl’s not under what we call back pressure from the sewer this wax seal kind of squeezes down and makes a water tight seal between the porcelain toilet bowl and the iron flange that sits on top of the sewer pipe.

A lot of times what happens is when the clog occurs is that this seal is blown out. And we fix the clog and the seal is not replaced. So now instead of a nice clean wax ring around here blocking all the sewer gases from coming back in we’ve go a compromised wax ring that is not blocking sewer gases.

So the bad smell you’re getting from a basement toilet is most likely sewer gas. Another way that could happen is by a broken vent line but that’s very unusual. Normally, speaking that is why your toilet stinks in your basement.

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