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If you need new water main service line hookup at your New Jersey property, our team is fast and efficient and knows how to do it right.  We have performed many water line hook ups in NJ  and can provide high-quality materials and professional service.  We have worked with many NJ contractors building new houses and additions to houses, as well as office buildings and retail store build outs that require water  line hook up installation.

The water supply line to a property is made through a connection of the property to the town’s water main, which is usually in the street.  The water line hookup for a new house or building is something that needs to be done right by a professional water line installation contractor as the water lines running from the house to the water main usually run underground so if there is a problem, fixing them later involves water line excavation.


We can also help with any water pipe leak repair  in your home or business.  Often a water line leak goes unnoticed because the water line is underground and there may be no visible signs of the pipe leak.  However, some signs that you may have water leaking underground include:

  • Your water bill have become higher suddenly.
  • You see discolored water coming out of your pipes.
  • You have problems running more than one appliance at a time.
  • Low water pressure
  • A lower volume of water is coming out of the pipes.

If you see any of these water line problems in your home or business property contact us at 201-645-0888 for free advice from one of our water line technicians.

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