Stop basement flooding in its tracks with a backwater check valve installation from a NJ plumber. 

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Basement flooding can often be prevented by installing a back water check valve, which can prevent flooding in your basement.

If your sewer gets backed up in your basement often and you need to call for sewer maintenance service or sewer cleaning service you can have a sewer maintenance company install a valve to stop your basements from being flooded when a sewer line is clogged or a drain line is clogged.

Basement uncllged FloodingYou can have an NJ plumber or NJ sewer cleaning company install a a valve called a back-water check valve.

It’s a very simple device. Frequently used, it can be installed on a house sewer and save you thousands of dollars worth of damage.

There are four bolts that hold it together and a one-way flap.

It allows the sewer from the house to flow out.

But if the city sewer backs up and water flows that way this flap will close, it’ll be water tight and will not allow any water to flood back into the basement and potentially saving major damage.

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Basement Flooding and Back-Water Valve

Basement Flooding Install

Stop basement flooding in its tracks with a backwater check valve installation from a NJ plumber If you