NJ Water Leak Repair

Sewer pipes in NJ are known to develop an occasional underground water leak.

Underground water pipe leak repair in nj

Sewer pipe leaks can range from fairly minor to very serious, and smaller leaks can often go undetected for long periods of time.

A NJ underground water leak can slowly release water into the surrounding soil, causing soil weakness, further pipe damage, lawn and landscape damage, and home plumbing issues.

If you suspect that your sewer pipes may need underground water leak repair, call us anytime at A1 Sewer & Drain.

We’ve available 24 hours a day for emergency sewer repair services in NJ, including underground water leak repair, tree root removal, hydro jetting, and more.

How to Tell if you Need Underground Water Leak Repair in NJ

In New Jersey sewer leaks can make themselves known in several different ways.

Although NJ homeowners don’t always notice when cracks and holes develop in the sewer main line, there are sometimes a set of warning signs that can alert them to a potential problem.

Underground water line leak in Bergen County NJ

Some of the signs that you may have leaking sewer line on your NJ property, and will probably need underground water leak repair, can include:

  • Household plumbing clogs and other problems. When you have an underground water leak in your sewer line, it can impair the ability of wastewater to flow correctly through the pipes. It also creates sharp edges to which solid debris can cling, increasing the potential for a sewer clog.
  • Soggy ground. If you have a serious sewer leak, you may notice that an area of your tard above the sewer line is more moist than usual. Unpleasant odors may also be present in the area. This can mean that your sewer needs underground water leak repair. Sewer pipe repairs for leaks are important, because the excess water can compromise the consistency of the soil and cause the sewer pipe to collapse or sink downward.
  • Sinking sewer cleanout. If you have an underground water leak in your sewer pipe on your NJ property, you may notice that your sewer cleanout is sinking downward. The sewer cleanout is a pipe located near the periphery of your home, and if it appears to be sinking downward or it’s filled up with water, it might be a sign of a leaking sewer line.

Sewer Pipe Repair in NJ for Underground Water Leaks

If you need underground water leak repair in NJ for your sewer line, we can help.

At A1 Sewer & Drain, we generally use trenchless sewer pipe repair techniques in NJ to get rid of the problem.

If your sewer line is very badly fractured, or completely burst apart, you’ll definitely notice.

But for smaller cracks and holes, which can result from corrosion or tree root incursion, we can usually use a method like pipe lining.

For trenchless sewer pipe repair, we avoid excavation and pull a new pipe-within-a-pipe inside of the old one, patching any holes and stopping the water leakage.

The new pipe section is made from resin and fiberglass, and once it’s in place, it hardens and becomes solid.

If you need sewer pipe repair service in NJ today, call us at A1 Sewer & Drain, at 201-645-0888.

We’re here for you 24/7 for emergency underground water leak repair, collapsed pipe repairs, and other sewer and drain services in NJ.

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