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Clogged Sewer Lines in NJ

The sewer cleanout provides an access point for sewer cleaning with hydro jetting.

The toilet may be running slow. The laundry drain may be running slow and this is an indication that your main line sewer is clogged up or in case of a slow drain it’s partially clogged up.

So we would come and use a  main line snake and put this 50 foot piece in the clogged drain and then we’re going to hook it up to the big snake. We would put this in the sewer down towards the street.   The sewer clog is usually farther down.

So we put the whole 100 feet down to the sewer and clean it out and then we would put it back in the machine. So when you find the connection at 50 feet we’re going to take it off.

So once you have the main line all cleaned out, and as a test we would put a hose in and run it on full force and confirm that it works great.  So that’s how we clean out a man line drain.

Sewer Cleaning with Hydro Jetting

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we use hydro jetting with water at high pressures. Directed from an angled nozzle, hydro jetting can completely remove even tough, stubborn debris from the inside of a sewer pipe.

The sewer cleaning process can take as little as half an hour, and is usually sufficient to resolve a clogged sewer line.

When the pipe itself has been damaged by tree root growth, corrosion, scale buildup, or other serious problems, you may need sewer repairs after NJ plumbers have cleaned it with hydro jetting.

Solutions for Sewer Repairs for Broken Sewer Pipes

We also provide professional sewer repairs and sewer replacement for damaged, cracked, or collapsed sewer lines in NJ. Using trenchless pipe relining, pipe bursting, sewer excavation, and other approaches, we can fix or replace even the most severely damaged sewer main line.

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