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I’m going to help you solve a simple problem. I get a lot of calls about as plumber. I get a call on the telephone saying “My garbage disposal quit working”. So I asked a couple of questions:”What were you doing”? “

Unclog-Garbage-DisposalWell, I was grading out some food and all of a sudden I heard this humming sound and then I heard this clunking sound and no matter if I turn this switch off or on, nothing works. It’s dead”. And what I do, rather than charge them a service call, is I tell them “Let’s you and me do the work together, me on the phone and you at home”. And here’s what you do: Here’s your garbage disposal, which I think you’ve all seen one part or another of it. If a garbage disposal on the bottom of it goes humming or clunking and then goes quiet, it’s because something is jammed in it and it stopped, then there’s a switch on there that won’t allow it to keep running and burn itself out. It’s called a reset switch. And all you have to do is feel around the bottom. It’s a little red switch, but of course you don’t see it from here. But when you push that switch, it’ll click all right? And when that clicks, it resets it. It’s kind of similar to when you do a circuit breaker and then the circuit breaker pops out and you have to reset the circuit breaker. Basically, that’s the circuit breaker for that. Having done that, what I suggest next is coming up, turn on the water, get some water going and try the switch again.

 Now, if it starts humming right away, turn it off. Because it’s going to click again and reset itself. So, shut the switch off and then look for this wrench here. See this wrench? It comes with every garbage disposal. It should be laying on the bottom of the sink, that’s where I put them so people remember where they are. And it has an Allen head, or X Head on it.And in the center of the garbage disposal is a place where that goes into it. And you can see it’ll turn, it’ll manually turn the garbage disposal around. You can go either way. And what’s happened, is that if that’s not running again then you’ve got something jammed. And you want to keep working away at it like this, until it moves smoothly, as this one here is now. You see how this one just moves smoothly? Take it out, put it back down, go back up and turn some water on. You always want the liquid going down your garbage disposal. And then turn your switch back on. And if it moves freely, then it has released the clog and the blocking in there. If that doesn’t do it, then you’ve got a major problem. Something like a fork, or a small screw. There’s something major blocked in there. And, if that’s the case, then you probably want to call somebody in, unless you are prepared to take the garbage disposal out.

But I think those two things are probably 90% of the problem you’re going to have. If it’s a fork or something you’re going to be hearing it rattling around, so just reach in and pull it out. I’ve seen small things like screws, one time I got an earring post out, but there I had to take the machine out, take the machine apart and find out the offending thing. So, let’s just call this one a good, quick job to do especially on Saturday night, when you need your garbage disposal.  I want you to just keep trying to do these small things and save yourself some money. You all have a great, great day!

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