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Most people don’t think about their sewer line very often, but sewer problems can have serious consequences. New Jersey homeowners often notice that something’s wrong when multiple drains start backing up, clogging, and otherwise behaving abnormally.pipebursting-nj-sewer-services

In severe cases, raw sewage can even back up into your home through your pipes, coming out of toilets and drains in a biohazardous nightmare scenario.

Fortunately, trenchless sewer repair provides a useful solution for fixing these sewer problems, without completely tearing up your lawn and garden. These techniques only require a couple of small holes, rather than large trenches.

The Trenchless Sewer Repair Service Company in NJ

If you suspect a problem with your residential sewers, it’s important to call a professional as soon as possible for sewer pipe repair service.

Fortunately, most sewer problems can be resolved using a set of sewer repair techniques collectively known as “trenchless sewer repair.” In the past, sewer repair jobs were a messier, more intensive process.

Sewer service contractors had to dig large trenches around the sewer line, so that they could access it directly.

In more recent years, new trenchless techniques have been developed. This has helped to make sewer repairs much more convenient and less disruptive for homeowners and businesses, by eliminating trench digging from the sewer pipe repair process.

The term “trenchless sewer repair” encompasses several different repair methods, including:

  • Pipe Bursting
  • Relining with Cured-in-Place Pipe
  • Moling
  • Pull-in-Place Lining
  • Inversion Lining

Different sewer pipe repair techniques are used in different situations, for different types of sewer line damage.

All of these repair methods minimize the amount of digging and landscape disruption that’s necessary to fix cracked, burst, collapsed, or broken segments of sewer pipe.

Why Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repairs in NJ offer a number of useful advantages over traditional, digging-intensive approaches to fixing sewer problems:

  • Less lawn and landscape damage. Many New Jersey homeowners put a lot of love and dedication into maintaining lush green lawns and beautiful gardens, which sewer repair trenches can quickly destroy. Trenchless repairs eliminate this problem.
  • Simpler process for contractors. Trench digging is a notoriously labor-intensive process, requiring significant manpower and physical strain. For sewer repair professionals, trenchless techniques are simpler to perform, as well as less time-consuming.
  • No risk of driveway and concrete damage. When sewer lines are located below a driveway, patio, or another section of concrete, trench-based sewer repair can be seriously disruptive, and lead to significant costs to replace sections of your driveway after the repairs. This isn’t a problem with trenchless techniques.

Types of Trenchless Sewer Repair Services in NJ

Trenchless sewer line repair encompasses several different techniques. What they all have in common is a “no-dig sewer repair” approach.

The sewer line doesn’t have to be excavated and accessed directly; instead, repairs are completed through smaller, more manageable access points.

In most cases, sewer pipe repair contractors begin by inspecting the sewers using remote sewer camera inspection systems.

These sophisticated fiber optic camera systems, available from companies like CUES Inc.,  Insight Vision, and Envirosight, allow sewer service contractors to look inside the sewer.

The cameras deliver a live video feed to a laptop or monitor, looking up close at the cause of the problem.

This allows repair workers to distinguish between different kinds of sewer problems, like tree root incursion, channeling, pipe collapse, bellying, and other issues.

Once the cause of the problem is identified, it can usually be address with one of several trenchless sewer repair methods. Commonly used sewer pipe repair techniques include:

  • Pipe lining with CIPP. CIPP stands for “cure-in-place pipe, a relatively recent technology that allows sewer repair contractors to “inflate” a new section of pipe inside of the old pipe. This method is used for fractured, cracked pipes, with holes in them that leak and disrupt water flow.
  • Pull-in-Place lining. This sewer pipe lining method uses a special liner made from durable resin and fiberglass, smoothing out holes and cracks. After digging two small, unobtrusive holes into the soil, workers use a wench to pull the lining into place. Like CIPP, heat or steam is used to cure the new pipe liner into place.
  • Inversion lining. When a pipe is mostly solid and intact, but has a few relatively minor cracks or small holes, a liner made from resin and felt can be installed through a small hole.
  • Pipe bursting. This sewer line repair method is used to replace a seriously damaged section of sewer pipe. First, contractors create a small opening at each end of the broken pipe section. A cable is attached to a bursting head, and then pulled through the pipe to further fracture and destroy it, while bringing in a new section of intact piping to replace it. After the pipe is cleaned with hydro jetting to remove debris that could get in the way, the liner is inserted. Hot steam at high pressures is then applied, which causes the new lining to harden inside the sewer pipe. This common trenchless sewer repair technique is used for pipes that are damaged, but still relatively stable and still usable.
  • Moling. The term “moling” actually does refer to moles, the familiar burrowing animal. This technique has allowed sewer repair companies to avoid trench digging in many situations. A special pneumatic drilling machine is used to create a hole in the soil, corresponding to the pathway for the new pipe. Once the tunnel is in place, the sewer pipe can be easily inserted into place.

These techniques allow us to fix even severe sewer issues, with minimal disruption for homeowners.

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