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Looking for a great local trenchless sewer repair company in NJ? At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we provide residential, commercial, and municipal solutions for trenchless sewer repairs, sewer pipe replacement, and more throughout north NJ.

We service NJ a wide regional area that encompasses Bergen County, Morris County, Passaic County, Union County, Hudson County, and Essex County, providing great sewer repair services for NJ residents at fair prices for all sewer, drain, and septic projects.

 We can provide no-dig trenchless solutions for many sewer repair projects, including municipal sewer repairs, helping minimize cost and disruption associated with extensive repairs. Trenchless sewer repairs can help take the hassle out of fixing serious problems with your sewer main line. It’s also useful for drain repair and drainage/drain replacement.

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Simple Sewer Repairs

Keep Sewer Repairs Simple with NJ Trenchless Contractors Solutions

A1 Sewer Trenchless sewer repair pipe solutions have been a key innovation in modern plumbing, for both residential repairs and large municipal sewer system projects. Trenchless sewer repair methods like sewer relining and pipe bursting help reduce the hassle and disruption that come with traditional open-cut sewer excavation, simplifying the process for both contractors and property owners.

In the past, sewer repairs required laborers to dig a trench to access the sewer main line. Although excavation is still used for sewer replacement and sewer installation, many minor repairs for problems like water leaks can be completed with only very minimal digging. Eliminating the digging reduces the time needed, the labor cost, the equipment cost, and the disruption for homeowners and businesses.


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CIPP Relining

Trenchless sewer relining in Bergen County NJ

Cure-in-place pipe (CIPP) relining is one of the most common trenchless sewer repair techniques that we use at A1 Sewer & trenchless contractor services. It’s great for fixing cracks, leaks, and other imperfections in residential and commercial sewer laterals, as well as larger municipal sewer main lines.

It can also be used in underground drain pipes and water mains.

CIPP drain and sewer relining allows us to install a durable liner that patches holes and cracks inside of a buried pipe, without needing to dig a trench for access. For sewer lines, the process can be completed through manholes and sewer cleanouts.

Using a pneumatic bladder, we insert a flexible resin-coated liner that can be cured and hardened in place using hot water, steam, or UV light. Once in place, CIPP liners can last for decades. They’re rated for pipelines anywhere from 100 mm to 1800 mm, and can be used in ovoid or arched pipes that aren’t perfectly round.



Fold and form lining is another close fit pipe lining system suitable for sewer, water line, and drain pipe repair. This approach uses liners made from PVC or PE plastic, and works best for smaller pipes under 540mm in diameter.



Spiral wound lining is a drain and sewer relining option that winds a single piece of PVC together. The PVC locks together to form one continuous liner that fits closely against the pipe walls. It’s suitable for pipes up to 1800mm in diameter and doesn’t require hot water or steam pressure.

Slip Lining

Slip lining is a way for sewer repair contractors to install a new pipe right inside of the old one, with a smaller diameter. The slip line pipe can be pushed or pulled into the host pipe, then grouted to keep it in place.

Trenchless Drain & Sewer Line Replacement in NJ

Trenchless sewer line replacement in New Jersey

Replacing sewer lines and buried drain pipes sometimes requires full sewer excavation, but in some cases, we may be able to use trenchless technologies like pipe bursting or pipe reaming for sewer replacement. This is especially useful in municipal sewer replacement, as it helps minimize traffic disturbances on streets during the repair process.

Pipe Bursting for Sewer Replacement

Pipe bursting is a trenchless sewer replacement option that minimizes the amount of digging needed to successfully replace a derelict pipe.

A hydraulic bursting head is used to fragment the old pipe apart, and behind it, a cable pulls a new length of pipe into place. Soil conditions, the presence of a collapsed sewer pipe, previous point repairs, pipe depth, and other factors can influence whether pipe bursting is feasible.

Pipe Reaming

Pipe reaming is another technique for trenchless sewer and drain pipe replacement. Instead of pushing the pipe fragments away into the surrounding soil, the fragments are removed from the ground. This can help reduce the chance of damage to nearby utilities and surrounding soil conditions. Like pipe bursting, pipe reaming depends on many factors concerning soil qualities, previous pipe damage, and pipe depth.


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