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Traditionally, underground pipe installation for pressurized water lines, gas lines, and other utilities nearly always required trench excavation in order to lay the pipe. In areas where obstacles or soil conditions make excavation difficult or impossible, horizontal directional drilling offers a much-needed trenchless solution.

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we use trenchless sewer repair services like horizontal directional drilling for gas and main water line installation in New Jersey, helping us reduce the cost and disruption that can be associated with installing an underground pipe.

As a leading local provider of NJ sewer services and water services, including trenchless sewer line repair and installation, we’re uniquely experienced and qualified when it comes to working with underground pipes.

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The Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling as a Trenchless Alternative to Excavation 

Beginning in the early 1990s, horizontal directional drilling rapidly gained popularity and widespread use as a trenchless solution for gas line and water line installation without disrupting the landscape above by trenching. Suitable for large pipes up to 54″ in diameter, HDD can be used to lay pipes over a mile long.

In developed areas, as well as in sensitive riparian and wetland environments, this trenchless solution is often the only way to successfully install new underground utility pipes.

Trenchless Solutions – Lower Construction Costs for Gas & Water Line Installation

Horizontal directional drilling can often be far more cost-effective than excavation, especially for larger civil engineering projects. As an example, as far back as 1997, the Water Distribution Division of the city made a decision that was highly innovative at the time: the city purchased its own directional drilling rig.

It was determined that over the lifespan of the machinery, HDD would actually incur considerably lower overall costs than open trenching. During the machine’s first year of service, the city saved nearly $30,000.

Some of the factors that contribute to the cost effectiveness of horizontal directional drilling include:

  • No need for trenching, shoring, and dewatering
  • No need for backfilling and soil replacement
  • No destruction of landscaping and pavement
  • Smaller work crews

Environmental Benefits of horizontal directional drilling in NJ

Along with its practical benefits in terms of cost and efficiency, horizontal directional drilling for underground main water line installation is also more environmentally friendly than extensive excavation.

  • Wetland and wildlife habitats are not disturbed or harmed
  • Water and land pollution from HDD is minimal
  • Steep slopes and sediment are not impacted negatively
  • Minimal disruption to important cultural or historical sites

Minimal Disruption to Developed & Congested Areas

Extensive residential and commercial development, busy roads, and other human activity and congestion can vastly complicate the prospect of excavating for gas or water line installation. Even if issues surrounding cost or environmental responsibility don’t preclude excavation, the hassle of disrupting a high traffic area can make it difficult or impossible to excavate without causing serious logistic issues in the immediate area during construction.

As an example, in 1999, the city of Des Moines, Iowa, used horizontal directional drilling for trenchless main water line installation in several areas. The lack of excavation allowed them to install the mains below two of the busiest streets in the city without blocking off traffic, as well as helping them avoid disrupting existing utility lines in the area.

Excavation in NJ – Social Benefits of Trenchless Solutions

Excavation isn’t a pretty process to look at. It tears up the landscape temporarily, and the restoration afterward can incur additional expenses. In areas with tourism, or concerned residents in the area, HDD provides a trenchless solution for water line installation that can help prevent the temporary presence of a tattered landscape.

In areas that rely heavily on tourism, this can be particularly advantageous. The lack of a construction zone during horizontal directional drilling has also been shown to reduce the number of traffic accidents that could otherwise result from the construction process.

Horizontal Directional Drilling: NJ Sewer Service Contractors

For large scale municipal utility projects like water main installation, horizontal directional drilling provides a much-needed trenchless solution that avoids the hassles and expenses associated with open cut trenching.

We provide HDD and other trenchless technologies for NJ sewer services and water services. For a free consultation and cost estimate, contact us any time at A1 Sewer & Drain Services, at Please tell us your needs .

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