Sewer Pipe Replacement in Teaneck

I had another sewer contractor tell me I needed to spend almost $10,000 to reline the entire sewer line.  Did not seem logical to me to replace the entire sewer line for one broken pipe, but that’s Bergen County for you, always on the upsell.  Called a bunch of other contractors but these guys said they could replace the broken pipe in one day and their price was very reasonable.  They in

Replacing Water Pipes, Sewer Pipes & Drain Pipes: PVC, Copper, Cast Iron, & Orangeberg Pipe Line

Water pipes, sewer pipes, and drain pipes in your home or business can break, collapse, burst, or wear away from corrosion, depending on the pipe’s age and materials. Although some problems with sewer, drain, and water pipes can be repaired with sewer repair services, severe damage may require pipe replacement instead. In homes and commercial buildings, there are several types of pipe used for plumbing, drain lines, and sewer main lines: PVC