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Need experienced local NJ drainage contractors to fix standing water problems?Whether it’s inside a drain pipe, in your basement, or in your backyard, standing water is almost never a good thing.

In NJ too much standing water that isn’t draining away can damage plant life, flooring, and foundations, as well as creating a perfect petri dish for fungi, bacteria, mosquito larvae, and other harmful organisms.

Whether we need to repair a bellied sewer line, install a sump pump in your basement, or install a French drain or culvert to redirect stormwater, our experienced drainage contractors at A1 Sewer & Drain Services are always available to help you solve your problems with indoor or outdoor standing water and provide sewer repair services if needed.

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Standing Water in Your Basement Can Be a Serious Hazard

Wet basements are never a good thing. When water collects on your basement floor, it can damage your foundation or flooring, as well as creating conditions where mold and other potentially harmful microbes can grow.

Keeping your basement dry is important for protecting both your NJ home and your indoor air quality.

There are a few problems that cause standing water in basements that can be fixed by local NJ plumbing contractors:

  • Roof water due to a lack of guttering.
  • Roof water because the gutters are clogged with leaves or birds’ nests
  • Roof water due to clogged downspouts
  • Automatic or excessive watering of flower beds near the edge of the foundation
  • Rainwater runoff from nearby lawns, walkways, or driveways that slope toward the house
  • Groundwater intrusion
  • Nearby springs or seeps that were covered up by developers
  • Stormwater overflow from nearby streams or creeks
  • Leaking or poorly installed drain pipes
  • Capillary action through soil into a crawlspace
  • Poor venting that causes condensation from air moisture and humidity
  • Nearby leaking outdoor drain pipes or sewer lines

Solution for Moist Basements with Poor Drainage & Standing Water in Bergen County, New Jersey

If your basement is prone to standing water because of humid conditions or stormwater, you may want to consider a combination of a dehumidifier and sump pump installation.

Dehumidifiers help prevent condensation, moisture, and mold growth by drawing the moisture out of the air. A sump pump is useful for removing any standing water, especially during events like a leaking plumbing pipe or stormwater intrusion.

Sump pumps use an impeller mechanism to force water into a pipe, without the need to rely on gravity to send away the water.

The pump is located inside or above a basin, depending on whether you have a submersible sump pump or an elevated pedestal sump pump.

When the basin fills with water, float switches activate the pump, emptying the water and sending it through a discharge line to a safe outdoor location.

Installing a sump pump in your basement can help you prevent costly water damage, especially in an emergency like basement flooding from severe weather.

Standing Water Inside a Drain Pipe or Sewer Line

Standing water inside a drain pipe or main sewer line can increase the likelihood of clogging, allow organisms to grow, and send unpleasant odors into indoor areas.

Standing water inside a sewer pipe or drain line can result from a belly in the pipe.

Unstable soil, faulty joints, and other problems can cause a section of an underground sewer pipe to sink downward, trapping standing water inside. In normal conditions, sewer line installation requires a minimum drop of ¼” per linear foot.

This slope is ideal for ensuring that liquids and solid materials flow at the same rate, preventing clogs in pipes that carry sewage.

A belly in the sewer line creates a negative slope (sunken area), compromising normal flow and creating a place where solid waste, paper, and other debris can collect. If you have a belly in the sewer line, you may need professional sewer pipe repair to fix it.

Drainage Contractors in New Jersey Can Help You Fix Standing Water Problems

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we help homeowners and businesses throughout north New Jersey fix their problems with standing water in yards, basements, and drain pipes.

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