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Installing a basement sump pump can help protect your home from flooding due severe weather, burst water mains, sewer backflow, and other disasters.

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How a Sump Pump In your Basement Keeps your Basement  Dry And Clear of Water .

I’m going to tell you all about a sump pump and how sump pump installation for a basement in New Jersey  really works for keeping the whole basement nice and dry from any sewer or drain blockage .

sewer-Blockage- sump-pump-problemsNot even a drop of water on the basement floor. I’m going to show you what the sump pump really does.

In our basement the floor’s usually nice and dry without a drop of water on it. Let’s go over to the pump. Now this is a pump that is into a hole into the concrete. And the pump’s sitting right in there.

Nothing else, nothing more. Now, look at all that water coming in. If you look here, this is the basement floor. That floor is just thick. So, we just cut a hole into the floor and then threw it down in.

Of course, this is a piece of equipment with a battery in it. Then you have your stones right here. The stones are what all this concrete sits on.

We’ve dug it out so as to make the hole nice and deep. See that water coming in and right out of the pump as it pumps that water out as soon as it gets here.

But this particular basement floor is about 28 ft, by 50 ft. And these 4” stone right here, what they do is that it fills in all around the stone, just like a well and that’s what really calculates the thousands and thousands of gallons of water.

Now, you don’t need to see above this line, which is again the basement floor. Now, this pump wasn’t working right now so, but when you have a serious flood evolve, this will show you, it’s pumping water pretty good. I have it set on manual.

We’re going to turn the pump off. Watch how fast this water fills up in here. Look at that. You see that? The water fills up pretty well.

We want to go ahead and turn that pump on, because what we don’t want to have is this water come up above this line. Once it comes up above this floor, well then it’s all over with it. It will just take about three minutes to flood this basement up.

We’ll have to start all over again and dry the floor and so forth. Well, I got the pump back on and you see it’s pumping water smoothly to the pump. Now, even in a pump this size, this pump here is doing 2000 gallons an hour.

So, for every hour this pump is on, there’s 2000 gallons added that it’s piping right out. This particular pump is just sitting here. It’s a somewhat dirtied, but still clean enough hole. And we’re going up.

Sewer-Sump-Pump-ejector-pumpAs you can see, this is a nice pipe and then it just turns and goes right outside the house. Pretty.

Of course, it’s plugged into an outlet, which in this case is a GFI outlet and it’s about four feet high, because what you don’t want to do is have the cord down low to where the water can get it wet and trip a breaker or CFI outlet and then you might as well not have a pump.

Well, in this video we didn’t show you how to install the pump, but we did show you what it looks like after (installation). And what it’s really all about, how it works, how it collects all that water.

Because, right now it’s raining pretty hard outside and has been for quite a while. And all that water from the outside is filtering down these walls.

All the walls, all the way around. The water’s got to go somewhere; so what it’s going to do first, is fill up that bottom layer, all that stone, it’s going to fill that up, which is going to be thousands and thousands of gallons.

Once that fills up and it has nowhere else to go, well, it can’t go back up the way it came, that’s just way too much pressure.

So, any hole, crack, no matter how new your house is- this house is like only four years old- it’s all pore foundation, everything’s pretty sealed, it’s all around, which is great, because that didn’t allow the water to come through the walls.

But, unfortunately, you’d rather need to pop the house right out of the foundation, or it’s going to find any little crack- and you know, there are always cracks around-and it would have found that crack and would have come through with great pressure.

So, by making that hole on the floor and putting in a pump about a foot deep, it really worked out pretty well.

Sump pump installation in NJ can keep your basement dry all year.

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