If you are facing a pipe, drain or main sewer line that is frozen due to the cold temperatures, whether your sewer line is slow or completely clogged or backed up, the first important thing for us to know when you call us as a sewer repair company is if this is the first time that this has happened or if it happened in the past as we want to first identify the location and the cause and save you the time and the money of this happening repeatedly.

If you know the sewer line point where it gets clogged you can avoid using sewer camera inspection.

frozen-pipe-sewer-cleaning-njHaving a sewer clog because your pipe is frozen is most of the time due to the fact that something changed within the pipe, like sewer roots cracked and broke the pipe, or the pipe is exposed to the weather, change of the pipe location or change of landscaping around the sewer lines due to a new design of lawn or construction addition to your home that puts the sewer pipe into a different angle and in different conditions that results in the water freezing in the sewer line and if you have really bad luck with the weather remains freezing it will take sometimes a lot of time and effort to fix a frozen sewer pipe.

There is an additional point you need to be concerned about when you have a frozen sewer pipe, which is that the drain pipe will be damaged and sometimes a small sewer cleaning that could have been done as preventative drain line maintenance can become an issue of sewer pipe repair and if you are aware of or suspect that you are in this category of being likely to have a frozen pipe if the temperatures drop, we advise you to do the following things:

  • Prepare your sewer and drain pipe for the winter, give us a call and we will run one sewer cleaning while the weather is warm and for a first time we will check the condition of the sewer pipe line and ensure that it is not damaged or exposed to the weather.
  • If needed we will use sewer video camera inspection, so in case temperatures run low again we will make sure the sewer line is in good condition. We especially recommend it for commercial properties, where a broken sewer line can get you into a large expense, delay of your business operations and loss of business and clients, as you may need to evacuate the store or medical office, as there is no way in the winter you can use a temporary outdoor bathroom.

So every preparation that you do before winter will save you lots of time, headache and cost of dealing with and repairing a broken sewer line.

We are always available for sewer and drain cleaning or sewer line repair, commercial or residential, in your home or basement, apartment buildings.

We provide all types of sewer services in NJ, including

  • sewer repair for broken damaged sewer lines
  • emergency service for frozen sewer pipes
  • sewer video camera inspection
  • sewer cleaning
  • sewer water jetting
  • sewer relining
  • Septic sewer tank and piping repair replacement and installation

We also serve property maintenance companies nationwide 24-7.

Feel free to call us 24/7 anytime for any sewer frozen and drain emergency repair.

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