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To detect the exact problem with your sewer line, we use sewer camera inspection equipment to look directly inside the pipes.

We can see many sewer problems with the sewer video camera, including:

  • sewer clogs
  • broken sewer pipes
  • tree roots growing into the sewer pipe
  • broken sewer pipes
  • sewer bellies or sinking sewer pipes
  • damaged pipes.

Residential Sewer Cleaning & Sewer Camera Inspection

I’ve already gone down and snaked this drain, and we’ve got flow. And we’re going to go in and take a look inside the sewer with the camera and see what is going on and why it clogged.

I’m glad you’re doing this, because these people have been living here for only a few years now. And they’ve had a NJ plumbing company out many times? – This is about the fifth time.

I’m coming out every six months. It’s a high frequency you know. So, we’re finally going to go down and take a look and find out what is causing the backups. This will tell us whether the homeowner needs hydro jetting to remove a clog, or sewer repairs for a damaged pipe.

This is a pipe joint, where two pipes come together and you have a root intrusion. It’s very small. That’s definitely not the cause of the clog. – So that fuzzy stuff coming in there are roots? Is it coming in to the pipe? – Oh yeah. They like the water and the nutrients in here and it’s food for them.

And that’s just going to continue to grow and…can it block up a pipe? – Oh yeah. This here is a clean out access. – I haven’t seen another one. – It’s in the backyard and it’s either buried in dirt or under a bush.

What’s this? – This is, well the flat surface of the camera is shinning on it, it’s a smaller pipe size and there’s a…well, it looks like a 1/2 to an inch lip on the bottom and you can see the water puddle on it. – That looks like it could really stop something and cause big problems. Is that a problem, or is that typical?

No, this is not typical; this is just a bad installation here. You would never go from a larger pipe to a smaller pipe and have a lip like that. It creates clogs actually. The camera’s like…you can see it jumping over the lip.

Which means, anything could catch on the bottom of that lip. – So probably our clog was right there at the lip before you cleaned it out with the snake, right? – No. That looks like your main clog. – Oh, it’s still there. But I thought you cleaned the clog out. -Well, we cabled through it and you can see off to the right hand side that the water is flowing around it, but the clog is completely there. – So if you didn’t have the camera, we’d all have thought it was cleaned out, right? – Oh yeah, this is what most plumbers would have… – What are you doing? – I’m hitting it with the camera head, trying like a battering ram to push it, or see kind of what it is, or if it’ll move. It looks pretty tough.

It’s probably something growing in from the side. – Yeah, cause the water was running pretty well so it looked like it was clear. – Yeah, that’s the deceiving part of drain clearing. If you really don’t go looking down the sewer, the assumption is that it’s working because you’ve got flow. And you can clearly see that I’ve got flow, but the obstruction was still there. Running a little more water to wash the camera head down and see if I can kind of flush it down by me pushing down on it with the camera. – So, this will be like, it’ll clog down again pretty quickly.

– Yeah. – Oh! It just looks like you’ve got it, it’s clear now. – Well, what I did is I pushed down at the right hand side of it. – Oh, ok. So, it’s still back there. Or growing on. – Correct. Let’s go down and see if there’s any more before I go get my equipment. I want to see what’s further down the line. Those are more connections, more pipe joints.

You can see how important it is that the pipes line up together and that they’re not off. You can see the little lip there. – How bad is this pipe? You know…is this typical, or… – No, this one’s pretty bad. You have a lot of small intrusions, which might not clog, but they will, eventually.

You had a different pipe-size and you had a larger object growing in here. So, this one’s pretty bad. My recommendation is I can remove the things in the front yard, from vegetation to cement and put your front yard back together as if we were never there.

This is your city sewer main; this is what’s out on the middle of the street. So we’re out about 53 feet. – Okay. We’re coming down now with the snake and I have the camera head right behind the head of the snake. And-oh!- There I go. I can’t even get it through the head of the lip. Oh! We got lucky.

And you can see how that could really snug a lot of stuff. – Now we’re basically going to…well, without the camera, there’s no way for any plumbing technician to find this exact location and really work this clog.

You really need the Drain Vision camera right at that spot, so you can see what you’re doing on the screen.

Yeah and in fact you would have probably come, cleared it with the snake the first time and we’d think it was pretty much done, that it was pretty much cleared out. But I’m glad you’re down here with this now, because you can see there’s still more there. – Yeah. – Well, now that we have the camera down there, you should be able to clean it up pretty easily I guess.

– This one’s pretty tough. Let’s see what happens. …. -So he’s been working on that clog for like, six minutes. And it’s still there. Is that pretty typical? – This one’s a real tough one. And we had improper installation, we had improper installation, we have root intrusions everywhere and this one was the worst.

You know we can dig up your front yard, pull your plants out, remove concrete, put in a new pipe, and put your front yard back together as if we were never there. And that would be my recommendation for this sewer line.

So if you were to replace the sewer line, what would you get to replace it with? – We do cast-iron sewer main pipes.

So, is it one long shot all the way down, or… – Well they come in ten-foot sections, so there would be a joint, but there’s a rubber coupling with a stainless steel band and the plants can’t really grow through it cause of the new technology. – So it’s all the modern technology that you would put in? – Yes. Thank you for using it. We’re saving the world, one lavatory at a time.

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