root intrusion-roots-clogging-sewer-drain Root intrusion in sewer pipe

Sewer line tree root  intrusion can be one of the main reasons for repeated sewer backup.  Tree roots are attracted to the water in the sewer pipes and can break through your sewer pipe in search of such water or enter through existing cracks or loose joints in the sewer line.  Tree roots in your sewer line can break or crack sewer pipes causing damage needing sewer repair or sewer replacement.   .

tree-rootin-sewer- root intrusion

Any small cracks or loose joints in a sewer line allows water vapors to escape into the soil attracting tree roots.  The roots will grow toward the  water pushing through the cracks and joints breaking the sewer pipes.  Once the roots have broken through the sewer pipe and have access to the water they grow in the pipe causing sewer backups that cannot be cleared effectively with a snake.



If you have repeated sewer clogs you may have tree root infiltration in your sewer line.  Call us at 201-645-0888 for a free estimate.

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