Getting sewer diagnostics right is extremely important when you are dealing with sewer line problems.  Very often we get called in when a sewer line has backed up repeatedly and the sewer cleaning company tells the client that snaking the line won’t work anymore as the sewer line is broken and needs sewer repair.

Sewer Diagnostics for Sewer Backup


That’s usually when we get called in for sewer repair.  In reality, there are a great variety of reasons your sewer may be backing up often, including:

  • Tree roots in the sewer line
  • broken or cracked sewer pipes
  • bellied sewer pipes
  • misaligned sewer pipes
  • sewer channeling
  • and more

Sewer System Camera Diagnostic

Before we do any sewer repair work our team performs sewer system diagnostic services with a sewer camera.  The small camera is threaded down your sewer line so we can see the inside of your underground pipes and accurately diagnose the problem.  We will then go over the results with you and even give you a copy of the sewer video diagnostic.

You should not let any plumbers begin repair work or even sewer jetting on your sewer line before you perform sewer diagnostics as they can further damage your sewer line.

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