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Sewer cleaning can sometimes be tricky, funny and maybe even dangerous for some clients that would rather do the sewer cleaning themselves rather than calling a sewer cleaning company.


Sometimes we run into situations where a sewer cleaning or any sewer situation at all should not have occurred and this is just because someone tried to help get the pipe covered or sewer line to work for other purposes than to drain water or sewage.

We end up with results that surprisingly or not so surprisingly are expensive and a headache, sometimes with NJ sewer line damage or sewer line repair that did not need to be done in the first place.

Saving some pennies will go far away in distance, more time, more money, more headache, more dirt, more smell, applying to your insurance and inconvenience by not being able to use your bathroom sink, or kitchen for a while and that’s what I am mainly talking about.

Following are some real sewer line cleaning instances from a sewer line cleaning company.

 NJ Sewer Cleaning and NJ Drain Cleaning

  • Although we provide 24-7 sewer service its hard to help someone in the middle of the night but it is hard to refuse someone when he is in trouble and you know that this might be a big sewer problem and you can see that he made the sewer problem by himself.
  • If your sewer pipe or sewer line in the basement or even if you have a drain pipe in the kitchen under the sink, in the bathroom under the floor or the ceiling, kitchen or bathroom pipes are filled with water or sewage and you see that the water does not go down, do not open the access cap of the sewer pipe, which is the access pipe to snake the line, as you may end up releasing all the dirty water and sewer from your sewer line or your drain line into your house;  If you have a finished basement, your carpets will get dirty. 
  • If you have an unfinished basement with concrete, sewer water or sewage can go through the concrete and although you clean the sewer water the smell can continue for a couple of weeks or months.  You never open it from the lowest point of the sewer line, that will cause you more problems, more sewage, more smell, and more work to clean and when you call a sewer cleaning company they will need to deal with a lot more sewer and drain mess than their should be to snake the line without it and you will probably need to pay more.  So don’t ever open any S-trap, U-trap, access point or cap within your sewer lines as you will get sewer water all over and servicing the line and cleaning the sewer mess will take much more time and work.
  • In your bathroom, shower, bathtub, bathroom sink, kitchen sink or whenever you are standing next to a plumbing opening try not to break or loosen any toothbrush pieces, toothpaste caps or other small pieces like blades into the drain opening as those pieces are sometimes almost impossible to dig out, yes there is no magnet in the sewer that can catch them, but if it goes down the only way to get it out is to push it forward and then it gets complicated. It depends on the size of the piece that fell into the drain pipe and how strong it is and how long your drain or sewer pipe is and how many curves in the sewer line on the way, if its stuck with the sewer line, even to snake it and try to clean it will not help as the snake will get stuck and be prevented from moving forward within the sewer line cleaning.
  • Sometimes it will be required to find where it is in the pipe, break the sewer pipe open at that spot and if your pipe is behind walls, under sheet rock or brick walls, or under the floor with tiles, all this in the way, the floor and the wall will need to be broken and removed to find the pipe, cut it in the right place, replace the pipe according to code rules, considering the size, the length and the distance of the sewer pipe or the drain line, the cost, the time and the effort come accordingly, especially if it happened in your basement with a concrete floor.
  • Imagine having your sewer pipe that needs to be cleaned and the snake doesn’t go through so the pipe needs to be discovered, repaired and removed under the floor, which leads to breaking the concrete to access the sewer, cutting the sewer pipe, and if you have an iron cast sewer pipe that makes it much more difficult, and replacing it with a new sewer pipe, PVC with adapters and the right connections to fit the existing basement sewer line and then usually sewer cleaning is not necessary anymore, but just in case we will do the basement sewer cleaning anyway to make sure we got right the sewer.
  • Some homeowners like to listen to the miracles of commercials and if you already have some life experience you know that whatever they show as so easy to do on the commercial, in real life is not exactly the same.  A lady holding a magic sewer cleaning or drain cleaner bottle shows you easily how she unclogged the sewer line or unclogged a drain line and within 2 minutes, no sewer problem, no drain problem, she smiled and was happy and even saved money as the cost of the cleaner is only $10 to complete the sewer line problem and when the story is almost over she even advised you to keep a few sewer cleaners like that at home just in case you get a sewer problem or drain problem again and she even provides you with a one time limited, for 5 minutes only coupon, or even better if you buy 5 you will get 20 for free.  All of these amazing orders with beautifully designed, labels and pictures mainly depend on chemical sewer cleaning and drain cleaning products that is a liquid that you need to pour into your sewer line and drain line and here the sewer or drain problems start.  There are a few options as to how you created your next problem:
  • You pour the magic sewer cleaning liquid into your sewer line or drain line .  Your drain line is already clogged, the liquid now is stuck and stays within your pipe.  Now if you have a cast iron or other rusty old drain pipe there is a chemical process that just got started and your sewer line might start to leak sooner or later.  So that means from a sewer clog we know have a sewer leak that now needs sewer repair.  and that’s not the end, because this is a chemical that contains dangerous materials that if it gets on your kitchen cabinets or on your basement floors it will ruin the materials and can leave a mark that you will never ever be able to remove it and then the only thing to do is to cover it for visual purposes.  But if you actually have the pipe in your second floor bathroom and you have the pipes leaking into your first floor living room or kitchen, whatever is in the way will be destroyed.  Your kitchen cabinet surface can never be recover if a sewer cleaning liquid mixed with water will fall on it, the same with a tile floor, carpeting,  you name it, everything will need to be replaced.  By the way if your kitchen cabinet is too old and one was damaged and you cannot replace the one door, then you have a problem that may cost you thousands of dollars to fix.
  • Scenario number 2 is simple, you open the line, you release some of the debris into the drain.  You usually have a sewer clog for a minor issue, now you washed the pipe, the water is flowing again, but hold on.  You actually did not solve the problem, soon, but its just a matter of time, your drain line is going to be clogged again and guess why.  Your clogged pipe with the debris, your debris just moved forward to a new convenient spot that created a bigger sewer clog .  Your sewer line is now clogged with a big clog of tight debris and no lady with the beautiful eyelashes can help you.  So a plumber will come and you better tell him that you used that magic stuff as he may touch a drain pipe that is covered with contaminated liquid.  Guess what, the magic lady just made you pay twice, first you paid for the magic liquid and the second time you paid for the plumber to come and unclog you basement bathroom, bathroom drain, or kitchen sink or shower.
  • You used the sewer cleaning solution or at least for the snake of productivity buy yourself a snake for $15 from Home Depot and you tried to do it yourself.  But lets say that you want to do it yourself because you really want it done quickly because your mother in law is coming before sunset and need you need to get the bathroom unclogged and you really need an amazing quick sewer solution.  So you tried it and it works, it cleaned your pipe all the way, assuming there is no pipe damage as your pipes are PVC and the liquids didn’t stay long in an old drain or sewer pipe.  Think what will happen if you actually have a small leak that you don’t know about, say underground, and you find that your lovely flowers in the front yard right where your sewer line flows are dead, or your lawn is completely dead.  Yes, chemical poison.  It either will wash away over time by the rain, hopefully the environmental office will not find out about it somehow.  Of course, don’t tell your neighbors you don’t know who they might be.  In some cases you might need to did a little bit and remove the poison.

Sewer and Drain Repair  in NJ

So the quick, soft, easy, cheap go through bang and done sewer cleaning drain cleaning services solution most of the time will not work as there are usually hard materials or debris that are clogging or blocking the drain pipe and you need a real hard core way, like snaking the line, releasing the debris, clearing the sewer with sewer services nj and leave it to the sewer cleaning company to get it done.

Sometimes it comes to a ridiculous sewer line situation, with a sewer or drain that the owner tried to fix but he even made it worse.

Like a homeowner that has looked into the sewer line and dropped the sewer pipe cover into the line and made the sewer clog or a  business owner that bent over the toilet bowl and lost a cell phone into the sewer line and the sewer was clogged is one problem but losing all your life’s data on the phone when you don’t have data backup.

Someone angry that has thrown jewelry into the drain and now regrets it, or other heavy metal objects, diapers tampons, all kinds of powders, legal or illegal, skirts, clothing, animals and what else needs to be said that a toilet, sewer pipe, sewer line needs to be clear for water only and the drain pipes, which are smaller and more sensitive to clogs need to be for showers only, washing dishes only and not pushing food or other materials into them.

Contact your local New Jersey sewer cleaning company to help you with sewer cleaning challenges, day or night, emergency sewer cleaning or your challenges with drain cleaning, sewer, cleaning, drain, shower toilet bowl, we do it all, upside down and inside out, above ground and underground.

God bless you and happy new year to all.

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