Sewer Backflow Preventers in New Jersey.

Sewer backflow can be a NJ homeowner’s worst nightmare. Although sewage backflow into your home is a decidedly rare occurrence, it can be devastating if it happens. Sewage and wastewater are serious biohazards, making cleanup a difficult and messy process.

Once sewer repair contractors in full hazmat suits have cleaned up the mess in your basement or bathroom, you’ll still have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of property damage. Walls, flooring, furniture, and anything else nearby is often completely destroyed, and can’t necessarily be cleaned or salvaged.

The risk of property damage makes sewer backflow prevention a concern that New Jersey homeowners need to take seriously.

Protect Your Home with a Sewer Backup Preventer

sewer line backflow preventerOne of the best ways to prevent devastating sewer backup is to install a sewer line backflow preventer.

These devices are designed to stop water and solid waste from moving the wrong way through the sewer main, keeping it out of your home.

They consist of surprisingly complex one-way valves, installed into the lateral sewer line that connects your home’s plumbing to the municipal sanitary sewer system.

In some places, local building codes may even require you to have a sewer backflow prevention device.

Backflow commonly occurs into low-lying basement areas. It can also come up through drains and toilets.

One of the most common causes of sewer backflow is a clog or obstruction inside the sewer pipes.

Built-up grease, paper, and sediment can gradually stick to the sides of the pipes, building up over time and narrowing the passage through which water can flow.

Eventually, when water is unable to flow into the city sewers, it can start flowing back up the other way, carrying foul odors and dangerous bacteria with it. Sewer backflow can also happen during flooding and heavy rainstorms, as well as from problems with the nearby city sewer lines.

Sewer backflow prevention devices create a much-needed barrier that ensure that water and solid materials will only flow away from your home, not toward it. You should probably install a sewer line backflow preventer if:

  • Your lowest floor with plumbing fixtures is lower than the manholes of the public sewer lines. This is especially true if you have a basement, which probably has a drain in it to prevent flooding.
  • You live in a flood-prone area. Homes in particularly low-lying areas can be susceptible to flooding during heavy rainstorms, creating a prime opportunity for sewer backflow and basement flooding.
  • Your area has a history of backflow during heavy rainstorms. Check city records or ask neighbors to verify this; some areas have persistent problems with backflow when it rains heavily.

Sewer Backflow Valve Installation in NJsewer backflow prevention

If you have a basement with drains or plumbing, sewer backflow preventer installation is worth it.

You can prevent damage to your foundation, flooring, and property throughout your home by investing in sewer backflow prevention.

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