We specialize just in sewer and drain cleaning in NJ and when you do just one thing all the time, like us, you get really good at that.  Especially when you are doing it every day for a few good years, you already saw everything or if not everything, most of the things, there are always new things to learn and improve on.

But the point is that your heart already tells you what is inside a pipe or water sewer line.

Hydro jetting uses high pressure water streams for sewer cleaning in NJ.

You can already see in your mind what the problem is behind the wall or underground and the next things is to execute it and get it cleared and solve the issue.

In most cases, the nature of people or the circumstances of the problem are routine and basically problems occur most of the time for the same reasons.

So sewer repair services companies like A1 , or at least the good companies, look behind the problem first to find the cause of the problem and solve it from the roots and save the time and money investigating and correcting it the first time and also preventing the issue from occurring later on to save the customer the hassle, headache, time and money to call again for a sewer or drain service company in New Jersey .

Well if most problems occur because most of the time similar things happen / similar things occur and trigger the problem, that simply means that if you know the usual cause of the problem or the list of issues you usually deal with, you will most of the time be able to avoid those circumstances.

The Importance of Quality Professional New Sewer Installation in NJ

In our business, it’s about good professional sewer installation. When the sewer lines are installed correctly in the first place, you’ll have fewer problems, that the likelihood that you’ll need extensive sewer repairs or sewer replacement is significantly reduced. Later on, you’ll need to understand how to use and maintain it properly.

 If you do that, you will probably never ever need to call a NJ sewer line cleaning or drain cleaning service as your lines will always stay clear with no debris blockage or sewage block or backed up sewer and water will flow freely anywhere in your toilet, bathroom, sinks, kitchen sink, the main sewer line or other drain pipes within the walls or the drain pipes underground to the main sewer line.

 In other words, if you do it right and you know the cause, there is no reason you should need to find a sewer cleaning plumber to solve the problem.

Assuming your plumbing contractor built your pipe, drain and sewer lines right, and when I mean right, I mean no shortcuts whatsoever, at minimum by the code, and with a little more attention of course, your sewer line will be clean, new and ready to use with a certain angle and drain and sewer techniques that will help the water always flow in the right directions fast out of your home or businesses, whether commercial, residential industrial it doesn’t matter, the rules of gravity are the same and its just a about the size of the pipe and the distance.

So when you move into a new home its just like a new body.  90% of the problems start and then you have to call a NJ plumber because you have a problem only after incorrect usage of a sink, toilet, shower etc.. which moves the problem forward to the drain line or the sewer line starts to build up a blockage, either all at once so then its really bad, or it builds up over time until you get to a point that in the middle of the night or during a weekend or holiday (and that’s usually by Murphy’s Law how it happens) and you need to call emergency sewer cleaning service to save you.

So its basically an education of how to use the plumbing in your home right.

Good Sewer Maintenance Reduces the Need for Sewer Cleaning & Sewer Repairs in NJ

Below is a description of the things that can save you time and money in your home, apartment, or business, and you will never need to use any NJ drain or sewer cleaning services in any of your properties. Residential, commercial or industrial, the rules are always the same:

Drain lines, sewer lines, pipe lines, any plumbing that is a pipe based line are made for water only.  If only water will go through your pipe you would never have blockage but we know that in reality there are other things that are flowing into the pipe and you need to follow certain rules like:

  • Using a drain or sewer line in the kitchen requires that you not throw any potato peels, bottle caps, pieces of old food or even fresh food, because those pieces will move down from your kitchen sink through the S trap under the cabinet down to the drain and then if you have a good flow of water in the drain pipe the water will push the debris forward into the sewer line but if the debris that you put into the sink is too big or too heavy to be pushed by the water flow then it will be stuck at some point in the drain pipe or sewer pipe and then you will have a blockage.  Then its just a matter of time until your water will be coming back into your kitchen sink and the line will need to be snaked.
  • Your shower in the bathroom or if you have a bathtub, actually here in New Jersey (NJ) by law you are required to have at least one bathtub in a residential home not in apartments, like in the bathroom sink, hair is the number one problem that will cause a drain clog and the number two item that we find is small pieces of toys, shampoo bottle covers, small razors (don’t ever try to open sewer clogs with your hands, you never know what will bite you).

At the first point that it clogs it is usually easy to clean it but the problem is that with the shower and bathtub people usually try to stuff it further down the drain instead of pulling it out of the drain.

  • The sink in your bathroom is one of the most common to be clogged, mostly 90% is from hair, toothbrush or toothpaste pieces or other plastic cosmetic items that fall into the sink and the drain pipe and they find the most convenient spot in the drain line and the sewer line to get stuck. Especially with the hair, the hair builds up like a spider web and collects for you all the small minor items that fall into the pipe and then again, blockage, water back up, sewer backup in the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink which is in the same line, and sometimes you have a second bathroom that is connected and sharing the same drain line.

Both bathroom sinks will be clogged and now you may have two clogged sinks that are caused by one drain pipe (and by the way, don’t let any sewer cleaning service fool you, one drain cleaning with one charge should be enough to solve both sewer clogs.

  • Your toilet bowl; your toilet bowl in your bathroom plays  a big role with sewer blockage and sewer problems which starts with a clogged overflowed toilet that needs to be cleaned, snaked and released.  If I can give you one piece of advice so that you will never have a clogged toilet is that the quality of the toilet (which also depends on the price) will determine if you will have a clogged toilet or a clogged sewer line or not.

Most people don’t throw diapers, animals, wipes, tampons, pads or very unusual stuff into the toilet, i’m talking about normal people.  So if you use your toilet like you should, with a quality toilet or a high pressure one, you should never get any blockage.

The story usually starts when someone decides that he wants to get rid of something, especially if he wants to get rid of it fast, that’s when you get the worst sewer blockage.

We have found that people throw all types of weird things into the sewer line, sometimes illegal stuff, or even clothes and jewelry and cell phones (yeah you would be surprised) all types of bad memories items into the toilet, ,which immediately clogs the sewer line of the home.

Its always weird to hear from the person that calls that they don’t know what could be the problem and then when we clear the sewer line and remove some weird item, they never know how that item got into the sewer line, even if they are single and there’s no one else home.

So maintaining your toilet normally, without getting mad at the world and throwing things into the toilet, will keep the toilet clean and the sewer line clear with no need for a sewer cleaning service.

  • Basement sewer line clogs or a sewer back up or blockage will cause you to have a big mess of debris in your basement.  If your basement is unfinished, then at least you didn’t have as much damage.  When your basement is part of your living area, if the sewer is just clogged and needs to be cleared that’s considered a small problem but if the sewage and debris is all over the floor or even a bigger problem that’s worse than that, if the sewage from the street sewer line backed up into your home, office or apartment building then it gets really dirty.  It depends on your location, the height and angle from the street and the distance, and the problem of course, you may face water and smelly sewage of a few inches on the ground to a few feet, and sometimes even good high boots are not high enough to walk into a basement where sewage is all over.

There are some simple and some not so simple solutions for this type of basement sewer clog or sewer back up:

  1. The same advice as I gave before, prevent people from throwing things into the sewer pipe, which can cause he sewer line from clogging.  Your basement is the lowest point so the sewage is coming out there.
  2. If your house is built within an area that is known to have flooding of water, it might be from rain or a sewer problem that affect your house and your basement, you might face sewer blockages and sewer backup blockages from time to time or once in a while, depending on the weather or the sewer situation in your neighborhood or on your street.  Sometimes you can solve the problem by installing a sewer backflow valve so basically the sewer can flow from your home and basement out to the street but not the reverse, from the street to your home.

There are some cases where you might need to live with it.  If you have this type of sewer blockage problem, you might think of installing a sort of alarm when the first few drops start to collect so you will be notified immediately and call the sewer cleaning service right away.

  1. Another good piece of advice I can give you in regards to basements is that you should always maintain a good cap on each pipe exit and check up point.  Those openings are the access points to the sewer line when we need to perform sewer cleaning and a good sewer pipe cap will prevent the leaking and flowing of the reverse sewer flow into your basement.  A loose cap or open point will leave your sewer line exposed and open, not only for a smell to come into your basement or home environment but also the risk that in case of sewer blockage sewage will be all over your basement.
  • If you have a washing machine in your home, business or apartment building or if you run a commercial laundromat or dry cleaning service or store, you have an almost unique problem with those drain and sewer lines as the things and small pieces that fall into these lines are different every time but there is a common thing that people that use a washing machine sometimes leave different things in their pockets and those things flow from the washing machine into the drain and sewer lines and sometimes causing serious sewer line issues.

In some cases, we have even needed to cut the sewer pipe or drain pipe in order to clear the pipe as it was impossible to snake or get any equipment into the line as the blockage was solid and 100% filled the pipe.

So the number one rule, if you use your washing machine or laundry sink, make sure you empty out all the pockets of paper clips, money, paper, coins, rings etc.. completely.

  1. Jacuzzi pools and other luxury plumbing, water operated products have the same simple rules of keeping the flow of water into the drain pipe or sewer lines with no extra stuff will make your jacuzzi, pool or other plumbing product run smoothly with no blockage.
  2. Set your goal as separating water from debris in every area of your home plumbing.

Look around and make sure you use screens and catches within your sink or you close the stopper in the kitchen sink, bathroom sink or bathtub when you use it with non-liquid stuff in order to ensure that you can clean debris out before they fall into the sewer lines.

As a local NJ sewer cleaning company for many years, we have seen it all.  But you can keep your home sewer line cleaning and avoid frequent sewer cleanings with these tips.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning stopping people from throwing things into the sewer pipe that can cause clogging. We have been dealing with with a lot of weird things, especially from our basement and I think that this might be our problem. I will be having a discussion with my girls to see if this is where the problem is coming from. Thanks.

  2. Do not use harsh chemicals to unclog the draining system as they can cause severe damage to the pipes and sewer lines. Opt for treatment methods that use enzymes instead of chemicals or call a plumber to fix the source of the problem;