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Sag – Separation – Collapse – Belly 

What is Sag pipe/line

You might have a sag in the sewer line, a separation, collapse, or even a crack.  A sewer line that is sagging is one that has shifted from its place and no longer has the foundation underneath to hold it up.  Sometimes the ground shifts underneath the sewer pipe do to weather, nearby construction or landscaping work and the sewer pipe will begin to sag and sometimes collapse.


Sag Fix/Repair

Most pipe sags could happen because the sewer line was not properly bedded and impacted with soil when installed.  A sewer pipe sag repair can only be done manually with excavation of the pipe. Repairing a pipe sag usually requires excavation of the sagging pipe and installing a proper foundation or replacing the pipe if it is damaged or broken.

Sag Removal

Removal of the sagging pipe requires digging a trench around the sagging pipe and removal of the sagging pipe.  We can use a camera scope to inspect the entire sewer line and find exactly where the sagged pipe is and excavate only that area of the pipe.

Collapsed Pipe or Belly? – NO Guesswork 

There is no guesswork about what needs to be fixed and where the sewer camera allows seeing the condition of your underground sewer line so we don’t do any unnecessary excavation or sewer replacement.

Trenchless Sag Removal

Trenchless sewer repair NJ

Trenchless methods of sewer repair for sag removal are possible.  Trenchless methods of sewer repair do not require excavation or digging a trench to expose the pipe.  We use the existing opening to the sewer system to line the pipe with a new epoxy liner or pull a new pipe through the sewer line.

Bursting Pipe – Trenchless 

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method that can be used for sag removal.  Pipe bursting uses the structure of the old pipe to pull a new pipe into place.  Soil is typically compacted as the expansion head moves forward pulling the new pipe behind it creating a solid bedding for the new pipe to remain at the proper slope.

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Sag Pipe Line Repair or Replacement NJ Best Price FREE Estimate Call Today 201-645-0888

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