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Sewer pipes and drain lines are full of moisture and nutrients, which makes them an attractive habitat for many living organisms.

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Most sewer dwelling life forms are microscopic bacteria or single-celled protozoans, but larger organisms like insects can also be drawn to sewer lines.

Sewer roaches and drain flies can infest your home via sewers and drains, becoming a nuisance and potentially acting as disease vectors.

If you notice an infestation of cockroaches or drain flies in your home, it’s best to call a professional sewer service company for sewer repair services.

Professional sewer roach removal and drain fly removal is the most effective way to rid your home of these water-loving insect pests, and reduce the chances of having the same problem in the future.

Drain Flies in Sewer & Drain Mainlines

sewer drain flies in Hudson County NJ

Drain flies (Clogmia albipunctata) are tiny flies in the family Psychodidae, which superficially resemble moths. They’re covered in microscopic hairs that repel water, an adaptation for living in moist environments.

The adults lay their eggs in sludgy environments like the insides of drains and sewers, where they hatch into larvae that feed on bacteria. These 6-7 mm larvae are sometimes called “drain worms.” When they reach adulthood, they live for only 20 days, during which time they breed once.

Drain fly infestations are surprisingly common. Not only are they impossible to drown by flooding pipes with water, but their protective hairs also repel most water-based toxins, including bleach and drain cleaners.

Even boiling water doesn’t usually kill drain flies, and to make things work, their eggs can survive dehydration for long periods of time.

To remove drain flies, sewer contractors NJ generally use fan-based traps. These consist of a continually running electric fan that physically sucks in flies and other insects, trapping them in a fine mesh grid where they quickly dehydrate and die. For drain fly removal, the traps are generally baited with ultraviolet light.

Drain fly infestations often start because they’re laying eggs in material that’s clogging the drain. Professional drain cleaning to remove the clog can prevent a recurring infestation.

Sewer Pipe Cockroaches Solutions in NJ

Sewer roaches in a broken sewer pipe in nj

Cockroaches are one of the most common household insect pests, and can be difficult to get rid of. Like many insects, roaches are attracted to water, leading them to infiltrate drain pipes and sewer lines.

You may find cockroaches– usually large American cockroaches– coming out of your drain pipes, especially during moist weather in the summer. These insects usually live outdoors, but are drawn to human dwellings in search of food, water, and shelter.

How prevent sewer roache in your NJ home

To prevent sewer roaches in your home and plumbing, you can take precautions to make your living space as inhospitable as possible for them. Reducing sources of moisture, like water leaks, and securing food, can prevent them from coming inside.

However, it’s generally best to get help from a professional NJ plumbers for effective sewer roach removal.

Roaches are hard to get rid of, and usually require professional plumber extermination or roach removal. Roaches are likely to enter your home through the sewer line, and sewer contractors can use insecticide to kill them before they make it into the house.

Any cracks or leaks in the sewer line should also be repaired, to further prevent them from getting in.

Drain Fly & Sewer Roach Removal in NJ

If you’re dealing with swarms of drain flies in your bathroom, sewer roaches coming up through pipes and drains, or other plumbing-related insect pests in your home, give us a call any time at A1 Sewer & Drain.

Our NJ sewer service contractors have years of experience exterminating sewer pests with effective solutions, getting rid of both adult insects and their larvae and eggs.

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