flooding and sewer backflow repairs njFlooding and sewer backflow are an absolute nightmare for homeowners. It’s destructive, expensive, and a major hassle. The good news is that sewer backflow and wastewater flooding in your home is actually preventable with the right measures.

This includes timely sewer cleaning and sewer repair, along with installing a sewer backflow valve to add some extra protection from factors you can’t necessarily control, like problems in the municipal sewer mains.

By taking the right steps to prevent flooding and sewer backflow in your home, you can prevent costly property damage and enjoy more peace of mind.

Know the Leak Warning Signs

clogged sewer cleaning njGetting professional sewer cleaning or sewer repairs sooner, rather than later, can prevent catastrophes like sewer water backflow and flooding from a backed-up sewer line.

Problems like scale buildup and tree root incursion into your sewer lines, as well as clogs from flushed materials like paper towels or cooking grease, can obstruct your sewer lines to the point that water backs up through your plumbing pipes into your bathrooms, basement drains, and other areas of your home.

It helps to understand how to recognize the warning signs that mean that your sewer line may be clogged, cracked, or broken. Some of the most common issues stemming from sewer line problems include:

  • More than one clogged drain. If one drain is backing up, it’s probably a routine clogged drain that you can clear out with a drain snake. However, when multiple drains in your home are backing up at the same time, it means that the problem might be down in your sewer main line. This indicates a clog, which could be tree roots, grease, paper materials, or a foreign object. You’ll probably need sewer cleaning service with high pressure hydro jetting, which is capable of clearing out even the most stubborn clogs.
  • Unexplained sewage smells coming from your drains. This is a particularly bad sign, and means your clogged sewer line is getting serious. It’s usually a good idea to call a sewer repair company as soon as possible.
  • Gurgling sounds from multiple drains. If you’re hearing a sound that’s kind of like coffee percolating in a coffee maker, it usually means water is backing up into your plumbing.
  • Water coming from your basement drain. Most New Jersey homes with underground basements have a floor drain as a flooding prevention measure. Unfortunately, if the sewer main line is clogged, water can actually enter your basement through the drain.

Prevent Water Flooding in NJ  – Installation Water Backflow Valve

sewer valve installation njAnother good way to prevent destructive flooding in your home is to install a sewer backflow valve. These are generally used on low-lying properties that are more susceptible to backflow, due to the slope of the sewer main lines.

Backflow water valve installation might even be required by your local building codes. These devices are a worthwhile investment, providing a much-needed safety measure to prevent flooding and backflow into your basement.

To find out more about sewer cleaning, sewer pipe repair, sewer backflow valve installation, and other ways to prevent flooding and backflow in your New Jersey home, call us today at A1 Sewer & Drain water flooding prevention in NJ , at 201-645-0888.

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