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Sewer pipe channeling is often confused with a sewer belly because they can often look the same when viewed with a sewer video inspection camera.


Sewer pipe channeling is when the flow of water is stopped because the bottom of the pipe is eroded, so water flow is interrupted and water may pool and not flow properly.  A sewer belly is when a portion of the pipe falls down or is lowered and the flow of water is stopped because the slope of the pipe has changed. 


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Sewer line channeling symptoms stem from the open pipe leaking water and will include sewage odors and overgrown patches of lawn in your yard, insect infestation or water pooling.  Sewer channeling can also cause slow drainage in the same way that a sewer belly does because in both cases the flow of water is stopped or slowed down.

A sewer video inspection is needed to properly diagnose the problem so the most effective and low-cost solution can be utilized.


Trenchless pipe repair technology cannot be used to repair a sewer belly because the slope of the pipes needs to be adjusted which can only be done through manual excavation and readjustment of the pipes to the proper downward slope again.

However, trenchless sewer repair methods can be used to repair sewer pipe channeling as the slope and structure of the sewer line is still intact, its the pipe itself that has a problem so if we re-line the inside of the pipe this will fix the problem for another 50 years.

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