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When a sewer, water or drain pipe is damaged, pipe repair or replacement is needed immediately to prevent further damage to the sewer line, water line or drain line of the property.

At A1 Sewer water main service & Drain, we are on call 24/7 to provide our customers with viable sewer pipe, water pipe and drain pipe inspection, repair, and replacement services.

Sewer Pipe

There are many possible problems that can occur with an underground sewer pipe that need repair including:

  • Clogged pipes

  • Broken or cracked pipes

  • Tree roots breaking into the pipe

  • Corrosion or deterioration of pipes

  • Bellied or sagging pipes

  • Leaking joints

  • Misaligned pipes

  • Collapsed pipe

Water Pipe

If an underground water pipe breaks, you need to shut off the main water valve and get water line repair as quickly as possible.  We offer fast reliable service 24-hour, 7-day a week service throughout NJ.

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we will be there as soon as possible to determine the exact problem with your water line and get your water up and running again ASAP.

Contact us anytime at  201-645-0888; days, nights, weekends, even holidays we will make sure your request is addressed quickly and efficiently.


Drain Pipe

It can sometimes be difficult to know if you are having a problem with your drain pipes and need drain repair as problems often show up as ordinary drain clogs.  A simple drain clog can be cleared pretty easily by any NJ plumber.

You know you may have a broken drain pipe or a another more serious problem that needs drain repair, like tree roots or a sewer belly, when the clog keeps happening over and over every few weeks or months.

In that case you should not delay in calling a drain repair company to inspect the drain line so the problems don’t get bigger.  Replacing a small area of pipe that is broken or cracked is much easier and cheaper than repairing a pipeline that has ended up collapsing because the one broken area of pipe was not fixed promptly.

If you think you may have a broken drain pipe that needs repair contact us at 201-645-0888 for a free consultation.

Drainage Pipes

Proper drainage is an important concern for residential and commercial properties in New Jersey.   Poor drainage can deteriorate your structures foundation, create pools of stagnant water,  cultivate molds and fungi, and cause insects infestations that can damage you and your neighbors property and quality of life.

At A1, we can design and create inexpensive solutions for your drainage needs. From underground drainage pipes, to french drains, sump pumps and trench drains, we can provide affordable and creative solutions to your drainage concerns.

Copper Pipe

Many homes built in the sixties and seventies have copper piping in their water lines.  Copper pipes only last for about 20 years, after that corrosive residue  can build up and leaches into the water.  The copper may also begin to disintegrate and cause pinhole leaks.

The best thing to do in this case is replace the copper line with PVC Pipe or PEX pipe.  If you have copper pipe in your home contact us at 201-645-0888 for free advice.

PVC Pipe

Pipe repair
Pipe repair contractors NJ

PVC plumbing pipe (poly vinyl chloride pipe) is the white plastic pipe that is now used for most plumbing and drainage pipe.  

When replacing cast iron, copper or other piping PVC is most often used because it is inexpensive and does not degrade or corrode as metal does. 

PVC pipe is low cost piping that is strong and durable and easy to install.  A great replacement for corroded and degraded pipes.  


Underground pipes (water main, main sewer, underground drain, drainage) can break and still be functional for some time but if you have small cracks of one broken pipe the crack can expand over time and cause a collapse.

A cracked or broken underground pipe can quickly be repaired at a relatively low cost with spot excavation repairs or trenchless relining.

However, if the sewer is collapsed it the entire sewer line may need to be replaced as the structure of the sewer line may no longer be in place.

What are you waiting for? Whether you have a sewer emergency or suspect you may have a broken sewer contact us today at 201-645-0888 for a free consultation!

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