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Orangeburg pipes. If your sewer/drainage pipe line is an Orangeburg pipe, you’ll need sewer replacement service in NJ as soon as there is a problem with the pipe. Orangeburg pipe was a type of composite paper- and resin-based piping that was used in NJ during World War Two, when metal resources were lacking because of the war effort.

In a small number of New Jersey properties built during the 1940s, there may still be an Orangeburg sewer pipe line.

Orangeburg to PVC Pipe

Orangeburg pipes are prone to bursting, since they’re not as sturdy as metal pipes or modern PVC sewer line technology.

If your home is a historic NJ house that was built during the Second World War, you may want to think about sewer inspection services to make sure your sewer pipe line isn’t made from flimsy Orangeburg pipe.



If you’re buying a home that was built before 1980, have a professional sewer plumber do sewer inspection to ensure there’s not Orangeburg piping if there is, you can subtract the pipe replacement price from your offer.

If you need sewer pipe replacement service by expert sewer replacement contractors in NJ, you need to call sewer pipe replacement contractor NJ for best price and quote.

You can give us a call anytime at A1 Sewer Water & Drain for a free estimate on any orangeburg line repair or sewer line replacement in New Jersey.

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