Sewer cleaning with hydro jetting.

In NJ emergency sewer line cleaning can be avoided most of the time.

It will save you the cost, the hassle, the time and even the smell from sewer problems if your NJ sewer lines will run cleanly with no issues day and night, winter and summer.

In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in your toilet, in the basement, in the house above ground or underground, pipelines can be opened with no sewer clogs or sewage clean up.

The only way that its out of your reach that your sewer line might be blocked is when there is a tree or bush that has strong roots going through the sewer pipes or there is a broken sewer pipe or drain pipe that restricts the flow of water.

Then the sewage starts to build up all the way up the pipe to your basement, bathroom, kitchen or toilet bowl.

In that case, you need to call a local NJ plumber to solve this plumbing issue.

You may need either sewer cleaning with hydro jetting, or sewer repair services or sewer replacement, depending on the nature of the problem.

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Sewer problems can result from things that go down the drain, like hair and paper products.

NJ Sewer Cleaning

However, a lot of times sewer clogs are caused by things that residents put down the drain without thinking, like:

  • Large food particles,
  • Chemicals,
  • Hair,
  • Disposable wipes or pads,
  • other solid items

1. All non-water items, things that should go into the garbage, not even the garbage disposal in your kitchen, should not go through any toilet bowl, bathroom sink or kitchen sink.

Those small plastics, wood, diapers, nylon, metal, q-tips, pens, cell phones, alligators do not belong in any sewage or drain pipe.

If you keep those things away, the water will flow through the drain lines easily with no blockage or drainage problems.

This helps prevent the need for extensive sewer repairs in the future.

2. Food, including tomatoes, cucumbers, vegetable peels, coffee, soups, bones, chickens and all other leftover food that stinks and you don’t want in your garbage need to go only into a garbage bag and not into a sewer pipe.

Otherwise you may need a NJ sewer cleaning company to come to your home often for sewer cleaning.

This might cause heavy sewer blockage and all this food that you want to get rid of will end up backing up into your bedroom bathroom sink, kitchen or your basement, will spill on the floor and carpets etc.. and the damage and the smell and the cost will be unpleasant to handle with this sewer backup issue.

3. Chemicals like laundry soap, bleach or other powders and liquid products that we don’t want to mention are not good for sewer lines for two reasons:

(a) some pipelines are sensitive to those materials and you will cause damage to a sewer line or drain pipe such that the only way to fix it will be sewer replacement for the damaged sewer pipe.

If the damaged pipe is underground, you will not only need a sewage clean up, you will also have sewage floating out of your property above ground and the damaged sewer pipe will need to be dug out and replaced, which might cost a few thousand dollars.

(b) Anyone, including you, that will try to touch or clean out the clogged sewer pipe or drain pipe will be exposed to damage to his skin, eyes and lungs that might be irreversible and might need significant medical attention.

4. Hair is one of the biggest cause of drain blockage and drain clogs in sinks and sewers and you should try to avoid throwing any hair into the drain line.

NJ Sewer Repairs

Assuming your sewer line is clean, with no tree roots or other underground broken or damaged pipes, by using your sewer pipes and drain lines for water only you will most of the time have peace of mind.

Then you won’t need sewer cleaning or drain cleaning for any sewer or drain line in your home or business as it is very rare to have a sewer blockage or drain clog within your sewer system.

You can also prevent pipe damage that will require sewer repairs or sewer pipe replacement.

A good NJ plumber can complete a very thorough sewer cleaning within an hour and have your NJ sewer pipes clean as a whistle in no time.

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