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Sewer pipe photos before & after

Many homeowners and business owners in NJ will eventually experience problems with their sewer main line and need sewer repair services.

Sewer pipes can be subject to corrosion, calcification, tree root incursion, and other issues that can require professional sewer repair or sewer cleaning services.

You may have had sewer cleaning before with hydro jetting, or you have have needed sewer repair services in the past.

But have you ever wondered what the inside of the pipe actually looks like before and after the process?

Check out these before and after pictures to find out just how big of a difference sewer cleaning or sewer repair can make.

Tree Root Removal in Sewer Pipe line NJ

Tree root incursion is a surprisingly common problem in sewer main lines in NJ.

Tree roots send out new growth, which is drawn toward the moisture and nutrients present in your sewer pipes.

In many cases, it begins with a very small hole or crack that allows an entry point for the roots. From there, the problem gets steadily worse, leading to pipe damage and unbelievable clogs.

Check out this before and after photo:

nj bergen county tree root removal from sewer line

It’s not as rare as you might think for tree roots to grow this densely inside of a sewer pipe.

In many cases, especially for less severe root incursion, high pressure water jetting can be used to break apart and clear out tree roots from your sewer line.

Tree root growth can also affect your storm drain, causing clogging, flooding in nearby areas during heavy rains, and other issues.

This picture demonstrates what it looks like:

nj contractor for tree roots in the sewer line

Like sewer lines, storm drains that are clogged up with roots will have problems with water flow, and hydro jetting service may be needed to fix the problem.

Sewer Cleaning with Hydro Jetting in New Jersey

A main line sewer clog can be a disaster for NJ homeowners, leading to serious backflow into your plumbing and clogged fixtures all over your home.

Hydro jetting is a sewer cleaning method that uses streams of water at very high pressures to break apart and clear out paper, organic sludge, and other materials that can be responsible for a clogged sewer line.

repeated sewer line backups in nj

This before and after photo demonstrates just how serious a sewer clog can be.

When water can’t flow through the sewer pipe because of the debris that’s built up inside, sewer backflow is almost inevitable.

If you’re dealing with slow-draining sinks, shower drains that gurgle when you flush your toilets, and other similar problems, call a NJ sewer repair company today for sewer cleaning service.

Sewer Repair with Sewer Pipe Relining in NJ

Sewer lines in NJ can crack and break, causing underground water leaks, sewer backflow, and other emergencies.

In many cases, no excavation is even required for sewer repair; instead, we can use trenchless techniques like pipe lining.

Resin- and fiberglass-based tubes are inserted into an old pipe, covering the holes and cracks to restore normal water flow.

The image below shows a pipe section before and after trenchless sewer repair with pipe lining:

trenchless sewer pipe repair in hudson county nj

Below is another before and after photo, which gives the view after sewer repair via a sewer inspection camera system.

As you can see, the pipe was suffering from scale and mineral deposits, as well as holes and cracks.

After sewer repair service, it’s practically pristine.

Sewer services for broken sewer line in new jersey

Sewer Repair & Sewer Cleaning in NJ

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