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Damaged Pipes repair services NJ
Damaged sewer pipes repair services NJ – Plumber NJ

Sewer Line Replacement contractors for Damaged Pipes

Many problems with sewer main lines, like pinhole leaks, cracks, or clogs, can be fixed with hydro jetting or sewer relining.

However, sometimes sewer repairs aren’t enough to resolve serious problems with an underground pipe.

Corrosion, tree root damage, bursting, and other issues can destroy the pipe completely, leaving it with too little structural integrity to be fixed with a cure-in-place pipe liner.

For severe pipe damage, sewer replacement may be the only real option.

Although a typical metal or PVC sewer pipe can last for decades, they do eventually wear down and need to be replaced by a local sewer repair contractor.

You may need sewer line replacement for:

  • Pipe corrosion. Old metal sewer pipes eventually succumb to corrosion. Various chemical and biological processes inside the sewer line, like hydrogen sulfide emitted by bacteria, will gradually wear through the metal over years of use.  Eventually, the damage can get bad enough that you’ll need total sewer pipe replacement. Many newer materials, like PVC and PEX, are actually resistant to bacterial corrosion. However, older cast iron and copper pipes are not.
  • Tree root damage. Tree roots can devastate your sewer main line, even roots from a tree that’s hundreds of feet away. Pre-existing holes and cracks let moisture out into the soil, which attracts new root growth from local trees.  As the roots enter the sewer main line, the moist and nutrient-rich environment allows them to grow very quickly, blocking off water flow and breaking apart the pipes. Severe tree root incursion can lead to sewer line collapse, requiring sewer replacement service.
  • Severe scale buildup. Depending on the hardness and other qualities of the local water, dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium can gradually deposit themselves onto the walls of a sewer pipe, a phenomenon known as “scale.” These scale buildups damage the pipe walls, and can constrict water flow and cause clogging and sewer backflow.  Sewer pipes afflicted by severe scale deposits will need to be replaced.

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NJ Sewer Replacement Options

There are a few methods we can use to replace your sewer main line if it’s seriously damaged.

We generally need to excavate, but in some cases, we can use trenchless pipe bursting instead.

  • Sewer excavation in nj is a highly involved process, and it’s disruptive to your lawn. However, for sewer replacement, it’s often necessary. We dig a trench to access the old pipe, which we then remove. After calculating the pitch and correct drop per foot, we can install a new sewer pipe.Afterwards, the trench is backfilled, and grass and landscaping plants can regrow.
  • Pipe bursting is an alternative method of removing and replacing a sewer main line. If the old pipe is cracked, collapsed, or otherwise damaged beyond repair, we use a hydraulic bursting head to push apart the pipe. The fragments are pushed outward into the soil. Behind the bursting head, a cable pulls a new section of pipe into place. Pipe bursting requires very little excavation, but soil conditions and other considerations will determine whether it’s feasible.

NJ Plumbers for Sewer Pipe Replacement in nj

When you need to replace your sewer main line, you need licensed, experienced local NJ sewer service contractors.

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Get fast, reliable sewer replacement today from experienced NJ sewer repair contractors.

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