NJ Sewer & Drain Quote Pricing & Cost for Labor, Material as Per Plumbing Drawings Service Repair Replacement & Installation in New Jersey

Plumbing Sewer & Drain

Note P01: Proposal does not include uncontrollable commodity pricing for any and all materials. Increases over 3% shall be itemized and payable under this proposal.

Note P02: Proposal includes excavation and backfill. Backfill is sand and gravel. Note P03: Sanitary underground is cast iron hub and spigot.

Note P04: Sanitary above grade is cast iron no-hub.

Note P05: Domestic water above ground is type “L” Soldered Copper Note P06: All waterlines below grade are type “K” soft copper.

Note P07: Proposal includes insulation of new piping only, does not include insulation of existing piping.

Note P08: Condensate drains is type “M” soldered copper.

Note P09: Includes final connections to owner supplied equipment. Note P10: Includes cleaning of existing sanitary line.

Note P11: Includes cleaning of existing fixtures.

Note P12: All water, drain and vent lines tie into existing lines within the building.

Note P13: Does not include installing of carbon dioxide bulk storage tank and associated piping and connections.

Note P14: Does not include refrigerant lines.

Note P15: Does not include any storm or gas lines.

Note P16: Water heater is existing and not to be replaced under this proposal. Note P17: Does not include HVAC or any other trade.

Note P18: Does not include sterilization of domestic water. Note P19: Does not include cost of water filtration system

Note P20: Proposal based on a 40 hour work week, no overtime is included.


Cutting, Coring, Patching, or Painting.                                           Demolition.

Electrical.                                                                                               Bonds/Bond Fees.

Temporary Water or Sanitary Facilities.                                Compaction Testing.

 Staking or Survey.                                                                                 Asbestos Removal.

 Bathroom Accessories.                                                                         Rip Rap.

 Temporary Power.                                                                                 Waterproofing.

 Fire Protection or Fire System.                                                            Dumpster Charges/Fees.

Cathodic Protection.                                                                                Rain Gutters.

 Foundation Drain.                                                                                    Condensate Drain.

 Poured or Formed Concrete.                                                                Saw cutting or Removal.


No addendums have been reviewed for their impact on this proposal


No Motor Starters                                                                                     No HVAC or Refrigerant Piping

No Landscaping, Irrigation or Spoils Removal                                   No Fire Stopping

No Asphalt Removal or Replacement                                                   No Chemicals

No Erosion Control                                                                                   No Flues

No Gas and Water Meter                                                                         No Controls

No Dewatering                                                                                            No Flashing and Sheet Metal

No Spoil Haul Off & No Trash Haul Off                                                No Test and Water Balance

Not Including:

Cutting, Coring, Patching, or Painting.                                      Demolition.

Electrical.                                                                                              Bonds/Bond Fees.

Temporary Water or Sanitary Facilities.                                   Compaction Testing.

Staking or Survey.                                                                                Asbestos Removal.

Bathroom Accessories.                                                                      Rip Rap.

Temporary Power.                                                                                No Waterproofing.

Fire Protection or Fire System.                                                        No Dumpster Charges/Fees.

No Cathodic Protection.                                                                      No Rain Gutters.

No Foundation Drain.                                                                          No Condensate Drain.

No Poured or Formed Concrete.                                                       No Saw cutting or Removal.

No Motor Starters.                                                                                  No HVAC or Refrigerant Piping.

No Landscaping, Irrigation or Spoils Removal.                          No Fire Stopping.

No Asphalt Removal or Replacement.                                             No Chemicals.

No Erosion Control.                                                                                No Flues.

No Gas and Water Meter.                                                                      No Controls.

No Dewatering.                                                                                          No Flashing and Sheet Metal.

No Spoil Haul Off & No Trash Haul Off.                                           No Test and Water Balance.

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