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We are sewer manhole commercial construction experts serving all parts of New Jersey. We build new and repair existing sewer manholes  and can help with manhole rehabilitation, manhole casting repair, and leak repair in manholes and lift stations.

Manhole sewer rehabilitation and lift station rehabilitation are important sewer infrastructures which reduce sanitary sewer infiltration and inflow, and can save significant amounts in waste water treatment costs.


Manhole repair services NJ – Municipal Industrial Commercial Contractors NJ

We have completed many manhole repair projects for municipal, commercial and industrial properties in New Jersey, including

  • manhole rehabilitation
  • lift station rehabilitation
  • drainage rehabilitation
  • drainage lines repair
  • sewer rehab
  • sanitary sewer construction
  • storm sewer construction
  • water main constructions
  • concrete construction
  • excavation and building
  • water line repair and
  • sewer repair services


Having the proper manhole is an important aspect of managing a commercial property in New Jersey.  Without the proper functioning sewer manhole your property could face heavy fines and unexpected penalties.

You need to ensure you stay compliant with the new regulations in NJ, we are an experienced NJ manhole installation and repair contractor and can help you ensure that you manhole is in good working order.


Manhole repair contractors NJ

Manholes are usually found in the low area of an asphalt surface, regular maintenance is required so that water continues to easily flow over them.  A cracked or webbed asphalt at the surface of a manhole is a sign that manhole repair is needed.



We can replace manhole frame and manhole covers if they are damaged by excavating a small pit around the manhole, setting the repair, filling  the pit and resurfacing.

Grouting to repair a manhole in NJ is a good manhole repair technique utilized to prevent runoff and groundwater from leaking into an otherwise functioning manhole.

We are a NJ sewer manhole contractor experienced in manhole casting repair, manhole rehabilitation, and leak repair in manholes. Our projects are throughout New Jersey.

 Manhole contractors repair replacement + installation NJ 

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