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If the flow from your plumbing fixtures and faucets feels weaker than usual, your low water pressure could stem from several different causes. Low water pressure can make showering and washing dishes more frustrating than they should be, but an experienced NJ plumber can find and fix the source of the problem.

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Common Reasons for Low Water PressureLow-Water-Pressure-pipe-is-clogged

Low water pressure could be caused by plumbing issues within your home’s plumbing system, or it could be a problem in the municipal water main lines.

Sudden, the severe water pressure loss in multiple nearby houses could be caused by a nearby city water main break, which will generally be repaired as soon as possible.

  • Low water pressure in the water main at the street. If the water pressure from the water mains on your street is simply low– which is more common than you might think– you may want to consider water pressure booster pump installation. These devices increase the water pressure as water enters your plumbing system from the main water line.
  • Faulty water pressure reducing valve. If the low pressure seems to affect your entire house, but not your neighbors, the problem could be a faulty water pressure reducing valve. In water supply mains, water pressure can sometimes exceed 200 PSI. If water entering your home is above 80 PSI, local New Jersey plumbing codes may require a pressure reducing valve. Ideal home water pressure is around 45-55 PSI. If your water pressure is lower than this, fixing the problem may be as simple as having a local plumbing contractor adjust the valve’s setting.
  • Closed water main shut-off valve. If you don’t have a water pressure reducing valve, or it’s at the correct setting, another possible cause of your low water pressure is a partially closed main water shut-off valve.
  • Leaking water main line. A water main line carries fresh, potable water from the city mains at the street ino your home’s plumbing system. If your water line is leaking, the water pressure in the main will be reduced, and in turn, the pressure throughout your home will be affected.
  • Corrosion or scale inside pipes. Corrosion or scale mineral deposits can constrict the area of a pipe through which water can flow freely, leading to low water pressure in some fixtures.
  • Debris inside plumbing pipes. A cracked or fractured water main line can allow sand, dirt, and other pollutants to enter your plumbing system, potentially clogging the pipes and reducing water pressure.
  • Leaking plumbing pipesIf only certain fixtures have reduced water pressure, it could be caused by a leak in one of your plumbing pipes. Loose connections, corrosion, and other damage can cause water to leak out of the pipes, which lowers the pressure inside. At faucets served by the leaking pipe, you may notice reduced pressure. You’ll need a certified plumber for professional water pipe leak repair and leak detection.

Water Main clogged-water-main-pipe

Water main pipe is clogged over time

Fixing Low Water Pressure

Water Pressure Booster Pump Installation

If you’ve ruled out plumbing problems or faulty pressure reducing valves as possible causes of your low water pressure, it’s possible that the water pressure in the city mains is simply relatively low. If your household water pressure is under 30 PSI, water pressure booster pump installation is a simple and relatively inexpensive option for restoring water pressure to an ideal level of 45-55 PSI. Booster pumps are installed at the water main, and pressurize water in a tank before releasing it into your plumbing system.

Low Water Pressure?

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