Sewer Pipe Repair in Tenafly NJ

June 25, 2019

Very happy with the service.  Very honest and professional sewer contractor.  Call them if you want to save money on your sewer repair.  I had another plumber do a sewer video inspection and he told me there was a broken area of sewer pipe and that I should do trenchless sewer replacement to fix it for several thousand dollars. I called a couple of other sewer contractors to get cost estimates.  A1 looked at the other plumbers video inspection and went out into my yard and located the broken pipe physically which turned out to be under an area of lawn that could easily be excavated and the pipe replaced in one day. They were willing to do it for almost $1500 cheaper than the trenchless repair plumber. We made an appointment for the next week and they came and really completed it in one day, they excavated, replaced the broken pipe and put the dirt back over it.  Good as new.

Sewer Pipe Repair in Tenafly NJ Plumbers