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Leaking Toilet: How to remove the top of the toilet tank.  We’re going to learn how to replace toilet tank bolts and the casket. If your toilet is leaking. So, we’re going to go underneath here and take out those bolts from the tank.

So this is what we do: The first step is you have to locate the stop on the left side and close the water. And then you flush the toilet so the tank will empty up from the water. Make sure it really empties and all the water gets out.

Ok. Next step, we’ll locate underneath the tank there’s a supply line. We need to un-tighten that. Usually, it’s hand tight. All right? Now that we’ve un-tightened that supply line, we can start taking apart that tank. So, the tools that we are going to use on that scrupulous work are basically a long, flat screwdriver and a small pair of pliers.

So, we put the screwdriver on the bolt to hold it. And then with the pliers we’re going to unscrew the bolts from underneath. Ok. Now all the bolts are taken out, we can go ahead and lift the tank and remove it.

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