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Trenchless Sewer Water Line Repair in Bergen County NJ with Horizontal Directional Drilling

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we’re the New Jersey region’s leading local experts for NJ sewer repair services, including cutting-edge trenchless solutions for gas, sewer, and water line repair.

We have the skills, knowledge, and access to machinery and equipment for several different types of trenchless sewer line repairs in NJ, including a technique known as horizontal directional drilling.

Horizontal directional drilling is a viable trenchless solution for many situations in New Jersey where sewer line installation or water line installation is needed, but excavation is unfeasible due to soil conditions, obstacles, and other issues.

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Understanding Horizontal Directional Drilling for Trenchless Water Line Installation in NJ

Water line installation in NJ

Horizontal directional drilling, also known as “directional boring,” is an indispensable technology for water, gas, and sewer line installation in areas where open cut excavation is dangerous or unfeasible.

We often use HDD in areas where a roadway, river crossing, or another obstacle makes sewer excavation either practically impossible, or unusually expensive and disruptive.

If we need to lay a pressurized water line, gas line, or sewer pipe in an area where there’s a roadway directly above, this creates a massive problem for traditional open cut excavation.

If we excavate a trench to lay a new pipe, we would need to break apart the roadway above.

Obviously, this is highly disruptive, and replacing the destroyed section of road adds considerably to the overall cost of the water line installation project.

Horizontal directional drilling provides a much-needed solution for water pipe installation in areas where it would be difficult, costly, or dangerous to excavate.

HDD is commonly used in large municipal projects, as it’s suitable for large systems with pipes up to 54″ in diameter and up to an impressive 8,000 feet in length.

The Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractor Process in NJ

When we use horizontal directional drilling as a trenchless solution for water line installation, the process involves three key steps.

This is after the initial land and terrain is surveyed, and the designs are finalized for the new pipe installation.

  1. Pilot hole. During the design process, the path for the new pipe has been determined. The initial pilot hole is drilled from the bore entry to the bore exist, creating a place for the new pipe.
  2. Reaming. The pilot hole cannot be large enough in diameter to house the new water line installation without collapsing beforehand. As such, the hole needs to be enlarged. This often involves multiple passes of the reaming equipment through the pilot hole, gradually widening it to the desired size.
  3. Pulling the pipe. After reaming, the borehole is ready for the pipe to be pulled in. This is done continually over the course of the project. Heavy equipment and temporarily rollers help to move the pipe into its new location.

Engineering & Planning for Pipe Horizontal Directional Drilling

Before we begin the actual process of trenchless water line installation using horizontal directional drilling, there’s a highly involved surveying and design component of the process.

Using data from a land survey, we create a detailed design for the underground route that the new pipe’s path is going to follow.

We precisely calculate the ideal alignment and depth for the pipe, and we must avoid any conflict with existing underground utilities in the area.

During the boring process, we must carefully document and monitor our activities.

Detailed documentation of our daily construction activities during the new water line installation helps us ensure that everything complies with the necessary pipe bend radius, specifications, and any applicable permits that we have acquired for the project.

HDD & Other Trenchless Solutions for NJ Sewer Services & Water Pipe Services in NJ

At A1 Sewer & Drain Company, we’re not your average local NJ plumbing company.

We focus on complex projects like horizontal directional drilling for trenchless water line installation, trenchless sewer installation, and more.

We have specialized training, experience, and certifications needed for taking on these kinds of large-scale plumbing projects in New Jersey.

If you’re in need of a trenchless sewer service company here in NJ, call us any time for a free consultation and cost estimate, at 201-645-0888.

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