Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance is a Must for Any Commercial Facility in New Jersey!

If you are a commercial facility in NJ that deals with food, having a kitchen in your restaurant, hotel, school, nursing home, office building, conference facility etc.. as part of the code you need to have a grease trap.

Grease traps are installed right in the drain or sewer line, they are required by every state, including New Jersey, to capture oil, fat and grease and prevent them from going further into the main line.

Grease traps work like layers or buffers filtering and delaying the heavy parts of the oil in order to prevent it from going into the sewer line and the New Jersey public water.grease-trap

  • Imagine yourself having our NJ public sewer lines that goes to the ocean filled with sticky yellow brown grease and oil, what kind of environment will be created by that.
  • Besides that the grease and oil and fat is more likely to create sewer clogs and back ups as it builds up and delays and stops the water flow so a grease trap will make sure that oil and grease stays right in the beginning of the line where you can remove and clean it and maintain the pipe without hurting the public and the sewer system.
  • Grease traps can capture up to 90% of the oil, that’s a fairly high percentage but it depends on the usage in your restaurant, you might need to have a good hydro-jetting sewer pipe cleaning once in a couple of years.
  • A grease trap device can be installed right on the floor level so it is easy to remove and maintain when needed.  By the way a grease trap trap grease, oil and fat but NOT other material you may wash down through the drain.
  • We highly recommend that you get to know your usage of the drain at terms of the point when the grease trap will need to be cleaned.  In some restaurants, meat processors and hotels it may take 2 months for other it may once a year or every couple of years.

The best practice to have  a schedule with a reminder for grease trap cleaning and maintenance in NJ once you know when it would need to be cleaned to prevent any sewer clog, drain blockage or even worse sewer repair.

If you have any questions regarding grease traps, sewer repair and cleaning, maintenance and service, we maintain every type and every size so feel free to contact us with any questions and we will happy to stop by.

 Have a nice day.

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