septic tank repair nj 2Many homes and businesses rely on a septic tank for safe, effective, and environmentally friendly waste management, especially in rural and semi-rural areas of New Jersey that are further from municipal sewer mains.

Septic tanks rely on both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to safely and gradually break down waste materials in a contained and controlled environment.

As with any system, things can go wrong with your septic tank and drainfield, and you may need professional septic tank repairs-rather than sewer repair services– even on an emergency basis.

At A1 Sewer & Drain, our experienced sewer service contractors are available 24/7 for immediate same-day septic tank repair service in Bergen County and nearby areas of New Jersey.

Based in Fair Lawn, we can have an experienced professional to your home or business in less than an hour to get to work fixing the problem for you.

Common Septic Tank Problems in NJ

septic tank services njThere are several common problems that cause homeowners and businesses to call a sewer service company for septic tank repairs. Some of the issues we’ve seen the most frequently include:

  • A soakaway that isn’t functioning correctly. The “soakaway,” also called a “drainfield,” is the area near your septic tank where anaerobic bacteria, which don’t use oxygen for metabolism or respiration, break down materials coming out of the septic tank itself, which have already been partially processed by aerobic bacteria in the tank. Like a clogged sewer line, homeowners often begin to notice clogged drains and unexplained sewer smells. When inspected, the ground above the soakaway area is often noticeably wet and waterlogged.
  • Winter soil problems. During the winter, water tables can rise higher than normal, sometimes above the level of a septic tank’s outlet. When this happens, water will back up instead of draining out of the septic tank. When the weather warms up and the water recedes, its effects on the soil remain. The soil has become more porous and less dense than it normally is, introducing extra oxygen that can be detrimental to the anaerobic bacteria that are responsible for breaking down the waste materials.
  • Tank corrosion repair. When bacteria break down organic waste materials inside a septic tank, the chemical processes they use to process it release chemical byproducts that include hydrogen sulfide gas. Natural chemical reactions cause this gas to turn into sulfuric acid, which can corrode concrete septic tanks over time. Eventually, your septic tank may need to be replaced because of this natural corrosion process.

New Jersey Septic Tank Repair NJ

septic-tank-repairs-njAt A1 Sewer & Drain, we’re always available for emergency septic tank repair services.

Like sewer pipes, septic tanks need to be functioning correctly at all times.

They contain biohazardous waste materials that you don’t want seeping into your yard or entering your home via sewage backflow.

We have contractors available at all times to come to your home or business to fix the problems immediately, with wait times as little as 45 minutes.

To find out more about our septic tank repair service, septic tank repair services, sewer repair services, and more, call us today at 201-645-0888



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