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Sewage ejector pumps are devices used in New Jersey to prevent sewer backflow when plumbing fixtures and appliances like sinks, bathrooms, and washing machines are located below the level of the sewer pipes.

They’re especially common in basements, and they’re an important line of defense during heavy rains, burst municipal water pipes, and other situations when water is likely to flow the wrong way through downward-sloping plumbing pipes.

If you have a basement, sewage ejector pump installation is the best way to shield your home from costly flooding and water damage.


At A1 Sewer & Drain, our experienced NJ plumbing and sewer repair service contractors offer sewage ejector pump repairs, installation, and more in Bergen County and nearby New Jersey.

sewage ejector pump repairs nj
sewer ejector pump repair in nj


We’re available 24 hours a day for emergency service within half an hour, making us a local leader for all your sewer and drain service needs.

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Install a Sewer Ejector Pump Today

If you have a basement in you home, you need an ejector pump to prevent flooding during severe weather and other unpredictable emergencies.

A good sewer ejector pump can restrict both liquids and solids in wastewater from flooding your home.

The ejector pump itself is usually installed inside of a sump basin that holds around thirty gallons of water, and when the float switches are activated, the sewage ejector pump is activated.

This removes wastewater and solid materials that have accumulated in the basin, forcing them out into the sewer or septic tank.

sewage ejector pump repair nj
sewer septic replacement in new jersey

Ejector pump installation in New Jersey is surprisingly complex, and you’ll need a professional drain and sewer service contractor to make sure your sewer ejector pump is installed correctly. You may also need a local permit to do so.

There are a surprising number of different sewer pump brands and models available, although they all serve the same basic purpose. Usually, sewer ejectors can be purchased through plumbing supply company, with the advice of your local NJ sewer service company.

Get Ejector Pump Repairs in NJ Now

Sewage ejector pumps can occasionally fail, potentially leaving a watery mess on your basement floor. Our contractors provide ejector pump repairs for many common problems, including:

  • Faulty float switches. The float switches in your sewage ejector pump measure the fluid level, to signify when the water needs to be emptied out. If they aren’t working correctly, the entire sump basin can overflow.

    sewage ejector pump installation nj
    sewer line repair and pump installation in nj
  • Electrical issues. Electrical problems are another common reason for sewage ejector pump repairs. They’re generally plugged into a power strip, but fuse and circuit breaker issues, internal wiring problems, and other electric issues can cause the ejector pump to stop working.
  • Clogged impeller. This causes your sump pump to cycle too slowly, retaining too much water. The impeller can also be damaged or broken, and may need to be replaced.
  • Flapper isn’t closing properly. The flapper can get clogged up, or can come off and get lodged inside the pipes.

To find out more about ejector pump repairs in New Jersey, along with sewer ejector pump installation and other services, call us any time at A1 Sewer & Drain, at 201-645-0888.

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