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Looking for an affordable, reliable local company for drain and sewer repair in Morris County, NJ? At A1 Sewer & Drain, based in Fair Lawn, we proudly serve the Morris County area with comprehensive sewer repair and drain repair services.

We work with both residential and commercial sewer and drainage systems, providing emergency sewer repair services all day, every day. With 24 hours service and a team of experienced contractors, we’re here for all your sewer and drain problems.

Main Line Sewer Repair in Morris County NJ


If you’re having problems with your household plumbing, it may actually be a clog or break in your sewer line. Sewer pipes can develop holes and cracks that leak water underground, as well as clogs that cause wastewater to back up into your household plumbing.

These problems build up slowly over time, often without homeowners realizing it. This leaves people surprised when their toilet and showers suddenly back up, or water from the sewer main line begins flooding their yard.

Fortunately, sewer repair in Morris County, NJ can usually fix even the most serious sewer problems, protecting your home from potentially serious water damage.

Main water line leak repair Morris NJ – Main water line leak replacement Morris NJ

Most sewer repair jobs can be addressed with trenchless technology, which allows sewer service contractors to patch up cracks and holes inside of sewer pipes without the need for costly excavation.

One common cause of sewer main line problems is the development of holes and cracks that create water leaks, especially in older metal pipes. Sewer repair companies can insert a pipe liner, which is flexible and hardened with heat once it’s set into place, to create a “pipe within a pipe”– without needing to dig underground at all.

Morris NJ Sewer Installation & Sewer Replacementsewer-repairs-morris-nj

At A1 Sewer & Drain, our team of NJ sewer repair contractors can also replace or install new sewer pipes or sections of pipe.

In some cases, a sewer line can collapse completely, or otherwise deteriorate to the point that it’s no longer structurally sound enough for pipe lining.

Trenchless sewer replacement techniques use machinery to break apart a damaged section of sewer pipe, pulling a new section of pipe into its place. We can also install sewer main lines for new constructions and renovation projects.

Drain Repair in Morris NJ

Looking for a drain repair company in Morris County, NJ? Like sewer main lines, drain pipes can be susceptible to corrosion, water leaks, drain clogs, and other problems.

Although a simple clogged drain can sometimes be solved by homeowners, broken drain pipes will generally require professional drain repair or drain pipe replacement services.

Commercial Sewer & Drain Repair in Morris NJ


At A1 Sewer & Drain, we also provide sewer repair and drain repair in Morris County for local businesses.

Any building, including commercial properties, could suddenly face a broken or collapsed sewer line, leading to property damage and other serious concerns.

We also repair commercial drainage systems at restaurants and other facilities.

To find out more about drain repair and cleaning, sewer repair cleaning, and more in Morris County NJ, call us any time

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