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Do you need drain pipe replacement for your NJ household toilet, sink, or shower drains?

Many problems can be fixed with minor sewer repair services, but old or corroded pipes may need to be replaced by a plumber.

Drain line replacement contractors in Passaic County NJ

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When Do I Need Drain Pipe Replacement?

Some problems cause enough damage to an existing pipe that the only real option is drain pipe replacement.

This is especially common with old metal drain pipes, especially cast iron, which may have been in place for decades in an older home or building.

Once in place, drain pipes made from common materials like copper and PVC can last for decades to come, so drain pipe replacement isn’t something you’ll need very often.

Corrosion and calcification are major contributors to deterioration in pipes, especially metal pipes.

The water conditions in your area of New Jersey can affect the extent to which these processes will affect drains and water pipes.

  • Corrosion affects water pipes that are made from metal. In water pipes and drains, electrochemical corrosion can occur depending on water pH, water oxygenation, dissolved mineral ions, and other water conditions. In sewer laterals and drains that carry wastewater and effluent, anaerobic bacteria can also cause corrosion by releasing hydrogen sulfide, which converts into sulfuric acid that can eat through metals. PVC drain pipes are more resistant to corrosion that metal drains.
  • Calcification and scale. Minerals in the local water, especially in areas with hard water, can gradually deposit into the interior walls of pipes. Eventually, this damages the pipe walls and obstructs water flow. Severely scale-afflicted pipes will require drain pipe replacement.

You may also need drain pipe replacement if you live in an older home with remaining lead pipes.

Lead is an environmental and health hazard, so old lead drains should be removed and replaced with safer materials like copper or PVC.

Drain Pipe Replacement Beneath a Slab or NJ Street

Drain pipe repair contractors in nj

Underground drainage pipes located underneath slabs or paved areas are more challenging to replace, since they’re buried and difficult to access.

In many cases, we may need to excavate to access the pipe.

In some conditions, trenchless pipe bursting may be used for drain pipe replacement beneath a slab.

If the drain pipe doesn’t need to be replaced completely, pipe lining is also a viable option.

Trenchless pipe lining allows contractors to install a durable resin-coated liner inside of sewer and drain pipes, patching leaks and cracks.

The process usually takes less than a day to complete, and can be accomplished with only minimal digging.

The advantage of trenchless drain pipe replacement and repair is that it won’t disturb the slab, foundation, street, or paved area.

The cost of drain or sewer excavation can increase substantially when such areas are damaged, since they’ll need to be restored afterward.

NJ Restaurant Sewer Drain Replacement & Repair

Broken underground drain pipe repair in NJ

For any commercial kitchen, it’s essential for drains to be running smoothly and working correctly.

Restaurant kitchens produce very large amounts of kitchen grease, and even with proper grease trap installation, they’re still likely to clog occasionally.

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we have commercial plumbers on call 24/7 for emergencies like clogged or broken restaurant drain pipes.

We also provide drain replacement service for NJ restaurants and other commercial kitchens.

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NJ Sewer Pipe Replacement

We also provide sewer pipe replacement service for New Jersey homeowners, businesses, and municipalities.

We’re always available for fast, reliable same-day service, with response times under 45 minutes.

As local NJ drain and sewer plumbing experts, we specialize in replacement, installation, and repairs for sewer laterals, municipal sewer main lines, drain pipes, outdoor drainage, and other wastewater systems.

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Need a drain pipe replacement contractor in NJ?

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