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Is it time to replace your old drain pipes? Household drains in your showers, sinks, and other locations can develop all kinds of problems, much like plumbing pipes and sewer main lines.

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From rust and corrosion to water leaks, some drain problems can be repaired, but in other cases, drain pipe replacement may actually be a better option.

This is especially true for older drains, which are often made from metal that’s susceptible to long-term corrosion and resulting weakness and water leaks.

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Drain pipe replacement  – When to Replace Your Drain Pipes in NJ

drain pipe replacement service njSo when should you replace your drain pipes? Although most people occasionally need drain cleaning to clear out hair, kitchen grease, paper products, and other materials that can obstruct water flow through pipes, it won’t do much for a water leak.

Water leaking in your drains wastes water, as well as damaging surrounding areas and sometimes lowering the water pressure.

Although PVC and other modern drain pipe materials can crack, leak, and otherwise become damaged, problems are most commonly found in older metal drain pipes.

Drain pipe replacement for old metal pipes is usually a good idea, as metal pipes are older, and the material has fallen out of popularity in recent years. Metal pipes suffer from two key problems that impact their lifespan, and can make them worth replacing with newer, more high-tech materials:

  • Corrosion. Metal can rust and wear away when it’s been in contact with running water for decades straight.

This eats cracks and holes into the pipes, causing water leakage. The buildup of rust can also cause water discoloration.

  • Calcification. Especially in areas with “hard water,” minerals contained in tap water can slowly deposit themselves along the insides of your drain pipes over years or decades. These accumulations of calcium and other minerals cause the drain pipe to become progressively narrower, eventually blocking water flow enough to cause backup into your home’s plumbing.

For metal drain pipes, drain pipe replacement is widely recognized as the best long-term solution for cracks, leaks, calcification, and other ongoing issues.

Newer drain pipes tend to be made from other materials like PVC, which is known for its high resistance to corrosion.

Drain pipe replacement can save you a major headache, helping you avoid major leaks, sewer backflow, and other potential problems.

Drain Pipe Replacement Service in NJ

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