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Degradation sewer repair

Degradation of a sewer line is common in NJ homes with older sewer pipes.  If your sewer pipes have degraded they will start to fall apart, exhibiting cracks and holes and sometimes a collapsed sewer line.

Pipeline Replacement Contractors

If you have a degraded sewer line, usually the entire sewer line needs to be replaced by nj sewer replacement contractors. There is really no way for sewer repair to be effective, the entire sewer pipeline needs to be replaced with  new pipes.

Degradation Pipe Replacement

Degraded pipe replacement can be done in a variety of ways.  The traditional method, which is still commonly used, is excavation of the entire sewer line and replacing it with a new pipe.  When replacing an entire line, trenchless methods like pipe bursting and sewer relining can often also be used.  These methods do not require excavation of the entire sewer line, only a small portion is excavated to gain access to the sewer pipe and the degraded sewer line is coated with a new epoxy liner.


Degraded drain pipe replacement

Older drain lines are typically made out of metal, as the pipes age they may begin to deteriorate and degrade leading to holes, cracks, broken pipes or a collapsed sewer line.  Degraded drain pipe replacement will be needed for the entire drain line to upgrade the line.  If the structural integrity of the pipe has not degraded completely and is still in place it is possible to provide degraded drain pipe replacement through trenchless methods.


Drainage work is primarily about preventing rain water from pooling on your lawn or patio and entering the home. Our drainage team is experienced in all types of drainage installations to help solve water run-off and drainage issues.  We have installed drainage systems throughout New Jersey in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris and Union Counties. Some of our services include:

  • french drain
  • land grading
  • excavation
  • storm drains
  • trench drain
  • channel drain
  • sump pumps
  • multi-flow drainage systems
  • roof drains








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