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The costs of sewer line repair in Bergen County NJ will depend on the reasons you need sewer line repair, how much of the sewer line needs to be replaced and who does the work.

There are many different methods of sewer line repair and sewer pipe replacement that are used in Bergen County NJ and which one we use will depend on your sewer line problem, how the sewer line is situated on your property and other aspects of your property, like landscaping, foundations, existing access to the sewer pipe etc..

In Bergen County NJ sewer line repair costs can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on what the problem with the sewer line is, the features of your property and applicable bergen county nj regulations.

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We are a long time Bergen County nj sewer contractor and can help you solve any sewer problems an affordable low cost and in a minimum time frame.

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Diagnosing Sewer Line Repair Problems in Bergen County NJ

The best way to diagnose a sewer line problem is to run a sewer video camera or sewer scope through the line which will allow us to see the condition of the entire line without excavating the sewer line.  The camera will let us see what the problems with your sewer line are and where the problems are in the line so we can fashion the easiest and cheapest sewer fix for you.

Problems you may have with your sewer line that may require sewer line repair or sewer line replacement:

Replacement – Repair

Methods of Sewer Line Repair in Bergen County NJ 

Getting the lowest cost sewer repair or replacement in Bergen County requires a knowledgeable and skilled sewer repair company that is experienced in all methods of sewer repair and can craft an easy and affordable solution that will last a long time.   That means that they need to know how to perform all types of sewer repair, spot sewer repairs, traditional sewer repair by excavation, and trenchless sewer repair methods.

A company that does not use all three methods on a regular basis will certainly push you to repair the sewer line with the method that they are most familiar with or make the most money with, although there may be alternative solutions that would be much cheaper and solve your problem just fine, giving you another 10+ years with a good working sewer line.

⇒ spot sewer pipe excavation and repair.  If we find that only a small area of the your sewer pipe is broken and there is no landscaping obstruction it may be much easier to simply excavate that small area of the sewer pipe, manually replace the broken pipe and then re-fill the trench.  It’s a day’s work and your sewer will work well for many more years.

⇒ sewer line excavation and repair.  If your entire sewer line needs to be replaced because it is old and corroded or you have broken clay pipe the sewer line can be excavated and manually replaced with a new sewer line.  This is the traditional method of replacing a sewer line and can sometimes become complicated by landscaping if the sewer line runs underneath a patio, garage or guest home.  In many of those cases other trenchless methods of sewer repair can be used to replace all of a portion of the sewer line.

⇒ trenchless sewer line repair.  Trenchless methods of sewer repair do not require excavation of the sewer line.  We use the existing openings to the sewer line, or sometimes dig a little at the opening of the sewer line, and we run a new epoxy liner through the sewer line that lines the sewer line with a new pipe.  There is also a pipe bursting method, which bursts the old pipe as it runs a new pipe through the line. These methods can sometimes be a faster and cheaper method of sewer replacement if you need to replace the entire sewer line.

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Professional Sewer Repair Contractor in Bergen County NJ

When considering any sewer repair or sewer replacement for your bergen county home or business you should always consult a professional sewer repair service company that provides all types of sewer repair in NJ on a regular basis.  A company that only specializes in trenchless sewer repair is going to recommend a trenchless sewer repair method when that may not be the cheapest method in your circumstances. An ordinary contractor may only know how to dig and replace the pipe and refill the trench.

As an experienced nj sewer repair company we have used all of these methods in sewer repair in Bergen County NJ and we can come up with the easiest and cheapest sewer repair solution for you.

Contact us at 201-645-0888 to discuss your sewer line problem with an experienced sewer repair technician and get a free estimate.


We provide sewer service to all towns in Bergen County NJ

Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ 07601
Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ 07602
Bogota, Bergen County, NJ 07603
Hasbrouck Heights Bergen County, NJ 07604
Leonia, Bergen County, Bergen County NJ 07605
South Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ 07606
Maywood, Bergen County, NJ 07607
Teterboro, Bergen County, NJ 07608
Alpine     Bergen County, NJ 07620
Bergenfield, Bergen NJ 07621
Closter, Bergen County, NJ 07624
Cresskill, Bergen NJ 07626
Demarest, Bergen County, NJ 07627
Dumont, Bergen County, NJ 07628
Emerson, Bergen County, NJ 07630
Englewood, Bergen County, NJ 07631
Englewood, Bergen County, NJ 07632
Englewood Cliffs, Bergen County, NJ 07632
Harrington Park, Bergen, NJ 07640
Haworth, Bergen County, NJ 07641
Hillsdale, Bergen County, NJ 07642
Little Ferry, Bergen County, NJ 07643
Lodi, Bergen County 07644
Montvale, Bergen County 07645
New Milford, Bergen County 07646
Northvale, Bergen County 07647
Rockleigh, Bergen County 07647
Norwood, Bergen County 07648
Oradell, Bergen County 07649
Palisades Park, Bergen County 07650
Paramus, Bergen County 07652
Paramus, Bergen County 07653
Park Ridge, Bergen County 07656
Ridgefield, Bergen County 07657
Ridgefield Park, Bergen County 07660
River Edge, Bergen County 07661
Rochelle Park, Bergen County 07662
Saddle Brook, Bergen County 07663
Teaneck, Bergen County 07666
Tenafly, Bergen County 07670
Rivervale, Bergen County 07675
Old Tappan, Bergen County 07675
River Vale, Bergen County 07675
Westwood, Bergen County 07675
Washington Township, Bergen County 07676
Westwood, Bergen County 07677
Woodcliff Lake, Bergen County 07677

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