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Sewer Repair in NJ

Sewer repair in nj is often needed in residential homes.

Homeowners in New Jersey can occasionally encounter problems with their residential sewer lines on their property, which usually require professional sewer repair services.

When part of the sewer pipe is damaged or broken, homeowners will usually notice problems with their household plumbing. In many cases, multiple drain fixtures will stop flushing or draining properly, sometimes gurgling or bubbling with water when other sinks, faucets, or shower heads are used.

In more extreme cases, sewage can actually back up into your home through toilets and drains, usually as a result of the sewers being severely obstructed or blocked off.

Sewer Repair in new jersey: Common Issues

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Sewer repair in new jersey can be simply about replacing a piece of plumbing pipe but there can be several sewer issues that arise.

Although most sewer problems present with similar symptoms, there are actually several distinct problems that can occur in the pipes.

Sewer line repair contractors usually need to identify the exact problem. To do so, sewer camera systems are usually the tool of choice, allowing repairmen to get a direct look into the sewer pipes without having to dig a trench for direct access.

Professional sewer video inspection equipment is available to sewer repair contractors in NJ.

Some of the most common reasons for sewer line repair include:

    • collapsed pipes,
    • bellied pipes,
    • channeling in older pipes,
    • corrosion of metal pipes, and
  • fractures from tree root incursion.

Fortunately for homeowners, most of these problems can be fixed using trenchless sewer repair techniques.

Sewer line replacement in NJ

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sewer line replacement in new jersey

Sewer line replacement in NJ is not as common as sewer repair but is sometimes needed.  Most modern sewer pipes are made from durable PVC plastics, a change which occurred within the last thirty years. However, in older homes, the sewer system might actually use different types of pipes.

Many sewer lines that were installed before 1970 are made from cast iron, a hard and durable metal. Unlike their plastic successors, cast iron pipes are prone to a problem known as “channeling.” Remaining cast iron pipes are quite prone to this, since they’re generally near the end of their thirty-year life expectancy.

Channeling means that deep groves and imperfections have been worn into the pipe from decades of contact with flowing water. The bottom of the pipe can wear down completely, displacing the soil and causing pipes to shift out of position.

The worn-down pipes often have rough, jagged edges that catch onto solid and sludgy materials, which causes sewer clogs as well. Instead of sewer pipe repair, cast iron pipes often need to be replaced entirely.

Clay Pipe Cracking Repair

In pre-1980s homes that don’t have cast iron pipes, the sewer pipes are often made from a hard, durable clay. This type of pipe is highly prone to developing cracks and fractures after decades of consistent use. This can result from the ground “settling” over time, a natural process as the soil shifts around. It can also happen because of tree root incursion or soil erosion caused by water.

Sewer Pipe Repair in NJ: Pipe Corrosion and Calcification

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Sewer pipe repair in nj can be needed because of the corrosion and calcification of the sewer pipes.  Along with channeling, old cast iron pipes are also prone to general corrosion– that is, wearing away from rust. Rusting occurs from a common chemical reaction, in which the iron is affected by oxygen when exposed to air or water. Over time, the iron turns into iron oxides, leading to the phenomenon commonly known as rust.

Calcification is another chemical reaction process that can damage older sewer pipes, leading to the need for sewer pipe repair or replacement. The water that runs through sewer pipes contains small amounts of mineral sediments. Over decades of use, these are gradually deposited along the bottom and sides of the pipes, causing damage or sewer pipe failure.

Tree Roots in the Sewer Line

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Tree roots in the sewer line in new jersey is relatively common.  All kinds of sewer pipes can develop small cracks, holes, or separation at their joints. In many cases, this doesn’t severely impede the flow of wastewater through the pipes, so it’s a minor issue that goes unnoticed. However, these small imperfections can attract a surprising problem: tree root incursion. Large trees, which many New Jersey homeowners have on their properties, have vast and sprawling root systems that are constantly expanding. The new root growth is attracted to sources of moisture and nutrients– both of which are present in your sewer pipe.

The root growth can start out very tiny, but the roots will expand as they grow. This further breaks and fractures the pipe, as well as blocking water flow. Tree root incursion is one of the most common reasons for residential sewer line repair in New Jersey.

Sewer Pipe Collapse Repair NJ

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Sewer pipe collapse repair NJ

Sewer pipe collapse is one of the most serious and dramatic causes of the need for sewer line repair. This is when the pipe fails completely, sinking downward and causing serious wastewater leakage, sewer backups, and other problems. It usually happens when a pipe has been weakened gradually over a long period of time.

Outdated 1940s Orangeberg pipes are especially prone to collapsing. It’s become fairly rare these days, but is still found on some older or historic properties in New Jersey. During World War II, the war effort led to serious metal shortages, since those resources were diverted to the manufacture of weaponry and other wartime necessities.

Orangeberg pipes are a replacement for the cast iron pipes that were common at the time.

The problem is, they’re made from compressed tar paper, which certainly hasn’t held up for fifty years of constant use. If your home was built during the 1940s, and the sewer pipes haven’t been replaced by previous owners, you may want to make sure you don’t have Orangeberg pipes, due to the risk of collapsed sewer pipes and costly sewer repairs.

Sewer Repair Company in NJ

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Trenchless sewer pipe repair company in nj

A sewer repair company in NJ can help you with all your sewer issues.

Is your plumbing acting funny lately? If you’re dealing with sewage smells, perpetually clogged drains, or other signs of a sewer pipe problem, give us a call today at A1 Sewer & Drain.

Sewer problems should be addressed as soon as possible, to minimize damage to your property and home plumbing. The sooner you get the problem taken care of, the less you’ll have to worry about.

At A1 Sewer & Drain, we’re available around the clock for 24-hour emergency sewer repair service, giving homeowners peace of mind that when something goes wrong, we can be there for you. Call now at 201-645-0888 for fast, effective sewer line repair in New Jersey.

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