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If you have the old fashioned cast iron sewer pipe or drain pipeline and it needs to be repaired there are a few different ways to repair or replace the pipe depending on the condition and situation of the sewer pipe and of course the location, underground, above ground, hiding behind a wall or ceiling, commercial building with a high ceiling, for drain cleaning usage or just the drain under your sink or in your bathtub.  We will try to cover all of these.

Cast iron sewer pipe repair or replacement costs mainly go down to calculation of the following things:cast-iron-drain-pipe-is-broken

  1. Whether we have to dig or not – in order to reach the damaged pipe.
  2. How much we need to dig and how deep in terms of footage.
  3. Materials- pipe fitting, sleeves, pipe repair kit, pipe repair clamps and supports that need to be used.
  4. Trenchless or traditional digging, which is literally the difference between doing the work externally without destroying your front or backyard, lawn and flowers, sidewalk, blacktop, parking spots etc..

General prices for sewer repair and replacement are between $100 for a simple drain  pipe corrosion or leaks with good access to $15,000 or $20,000 when you have to replace a whole sewer line for a house.

Local sewer pipe repair that can be fixed in one spot, digging straight into one location all the way down is much simpler, easy and fast then digging a whole new line from the beginning to end with heavy machines.

In our experience as a sewer repair company in New Jersey, there is not one house or one commercial building that we can say will have the exact same prices, as with every property there arecast-iron-toilet-drain-pipe-line some quirks and difficulties that another home may not have, and on the other hand some advantages and shortcuts that we can with our experience, knowledge and tools can go around and by the leaking, corrosion and smell can find problems and fix them in a much faster and lower cost most of the time better than our competitors.

 In short, the faster we go in and out and the less materials we use, your cost for drain and sewer pipe repair will be lower.

I wrote in previous posts about the risks of digging and the advantages of using trenchless options for cast iron sewer pipe replacement or repair, sometimes the lower cost is not the fastest cost, so the best thing is to call us for an estimate, which we provide for free.

We would be happy to come and inspect any sewer or water line repair or replacement and give you FREE quote and advice!

Sewer Pipe Repair and Replacement Warranty 

I would say that a sewer pipe should stay almost forever after you repair or replacement, especially if you replace an old cast iron pip with a new PVC pipe that will last over 50 years, assuming the job was done right and as a consumer, home owner, management company or business owner you should have a warranty for every repair or replacement so someone will come and serve you just in case you have a question or something goes wrong.

Contact us today to find out about sewer repair options and cast iron sewer pipe replacement costs for free.  We are open 24/7 and would be happy to help with any situation or advice you may need.

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