There are many common septic tank problems that New Jersey homeowners tend to experience, and this includes issues with the soil on your property– along with the bacteria that live in that soil.

There are many types of microscopic bacteria that break down waste, metabolizing it into other compounds to derive the energy they need to survive.

If your septic tank and soakaway drain into the wrong type of soil, and the wrong kinds of bacteria are breaking down the waste material, it can cause a variety of problems.

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Bacteria and Your Septic Tank


Aerobic bacteria are the key to successful breakdown of the waste material that ends up in your septic tank. There are two “types” of bacteria, “aerobic” and “anaerobic”; these terms refer to their methods of respiration.

Aerobic bacteria need oxygen to live, and it plays a vital role in their metabolic processes. Anaerobic bacteria thrive in low-oxygen conditions, like deep within the soil. For a septic tank to work correctly, the waste should be digested by aerobic, not anaerobic, bacteria.

Common septic tank problems, which require professional septic tank services, can often result from the activity of anaerobic, rather than aerobic, bacteria. The metabolic activities of anaerobic bacteria, which often occur when the soakaway drains too deeply into the soil, can cause problems like:

  • Too much solid waste in the septic tank. The growth of these anaerobic organisms makes it difficult for material to drain out of the septic tank.
  • Clogged soakaway pipes. When broken-down material can’t drain properly into the soakaway, it can damage the septic tank or lead to overflow.
  • Less porous soil. Anaerobic soil bacteria will make the soil less porous, meaning there’s less empty space into which waste can safely drain.

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