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Drain problems can be annoying, and they can keep happening again and again.

Without proper drain maintenance, you will need a drain specialist to unblock your drain over and over.

Sometimes, a regular local plumber will not be able to help you.

Instead, you will have to call a sewer and drain plumber, who has specific experience with sewer repair services, to unclog your drain pipe within a short time.

sewer-pipe-repairs-njAll drain cleaning services that you may need will usually be caused from the same issues — even if it’s the drain pipe in the shower, the drain pipe in the kitchen or the toilet clogging, or a sink drain clog in the bathroom.

All the drain pipes are different sizes in the wall, in the ceiling, under the floor, and underground.

They are connected to the sewer pipe in the basement, and then to the main sewer line in the street.

The city might be responsible for drain cleaning or sewer main line cleaning in the neighborhood.

Kitchen drain pipes are usually 2 inch pipes.

You or a local NJ plumber might need to unclog the drain or snake the line more often than the drain pipe in the shower, and the same in the sink in the bathroom that might need more attention more often than if you have a drain problem in your backyard.

Sewer Cleaning & Sewer Repairs in NJ.

You can get solutions for sewer problems from a professional company for sewer cleaning nj.

In many cases, the problem isn’t in your household drain lines.

You actually need sewer cleaning to remove a clog, or sewer repairs to prevent clogs and sewer backflow inside your home.

Your sewer main line is probably made from copper, cast iron, or PVC.

Pipes can crack from heat stress, high water pressure, corrosion, and other problems, causing water leaks and creating sharp areas where clogs can form.

Cracks in your sewer line also create entry points for tree root growth, a common cause of pipe damage and sewer line collapse.

Sewer cleaning with hydro jetting can remove the roots, and trenchless sewer repairs, such as pipe lining, can patch up cracks and holes.

In some cases, you may also need new sewer installation.

NJ Sewer Replacement Service Contractor 


Sewer replacement is sometimes the only option for burst, cracked, or severely damaged sewer pipes.

There are a couple of different sewer replacement methods that sewer service plumbers can use:

  • Sewer excavation involves digging a trench to access the sewer line directly, so that it can be removed and replaced.
  • Pipe bursting is a technique for trenchless sewer repairs, which uses a hydraulic bursting head to remove old pipes and pull a new pipe into place behind it.

Drain Pipe Repair & Sewer Repairs in NJ

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