Drain Flies in to the Sewer Pipe System

Drain flies that are located in the drain pipe or near a drain and sewer area are attracted because they like to live in a drain and sewage environment.  There is a lot to say about drain flies, but you need to know that there is a sanitation problem if you have sewer or drain flies and you should get rid of it as soon as possible.  There are ways and tools to

Sewer Smell Problems? Call the Expert

Sewer or drain smell problems are one of the most annoying things, especially when the sewer smell comes and goes and there are times that you smell (house smells like rotten eggs) it and there are times that you don’t which makes it much harder to track down the sewer smell cause and source. But so far we have resolved every sewer smell in any type of property, commercial, industrial etc.. so you

Sewer Repair Without Digging in NJ

SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH SEWER REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT WE ARE LOCAL FREE ESTIMATE 201.645.0888 In the last few years digging underground for any construction work, especially when you are at the level of utilities, like sewer pipes, gas pipes, cables etc. you have to be very careful to prevent damage and any unnecessary disconnect of supply to the neighborhood.  In some cases especially, its a safety matter when you dig and

Remove Tree Roots from the Sewer Pipe Line

Tree Roots in Your Sewer Pipes in New Jersey is a Common Plumbing Problem One of the signs that you have tree roots in your pipeline is if you continuously need to have sewer cleaning done, as your drain or sewer gets clogged again and again. We use video camera to inspect the sewer line and determine how big the roots are and if they can be removed by snaking or by

Grease Traps Repair and Installations

Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance is a Must for Any Commercial Facility in New Jersey! If you are a commercial facility in NJ that deals with food, having a kitchen in your restaurant, hotel, school, nursing home, office building, conference facility etc.. as part of the code you need to have a grease trap. Grease traps are installed right in the drain or sewer line, they are required by every state, including New

Sewer and Drain Cleaning and Repair Estimate and Cost

If you have any sewer or drain cleaning or repair job that needs to be done and you probably wonder what the cost will be, as we get this question a lot over the phone. We want you to know that a real honest plumber cannot give you a strait forward price over the phone, unless he is using sales tactics just to get into your home first and start to create

Replacing, Enlarging or Expanding Main Sewer Pipe Line

There are very few scenarios where we find a client needs to enlarge, expand or replace a sewer pipeline.  A main sewer line is built almost to last forever.  Only an unusual external or internal occurrence can cause the sewer pipe to crack and break, especially the old types of pipes that are made from cast iron, which is no longer in use. Enlarging or Replacing a Sewer Pipe When you call